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What are some of the best phone pranks ever?

What are some of the best phone pranks ever?

Top 33 Funny Best Prank Call Ideas 2020 Why Did You Call? This prank can be pulled on people who are older. Who are you? Who am I? Is Your Refrigerator Running? Order Food That the Outlet doesn’t Serve Food outlets are one of the best places to prank calls.

What are the best prank names?

Prank call names Al Coholic Oliver Clothesoff I.P. Freely Jacques Strap Seymour Butz Mike Rotch Hugh Jass Drew P. Weiner Amanda Huggenkiss Anita Bath

What are some good house pranks?

Bubble Pop. Discreetly place some bubble wrap around the rim of the toilet bowl and then gently lower the toilet seat onto it.

  • Suds-Less Soap. Certain things in life are expected.
  • TV Time.
  • Watered-Down Drink.
  • On the Other Foot.
  • Fake Damage.
  • Anti-Snooping Measures.
  • Bed Switch.
  • Short Sheet the Bed.
  • Early Wake Up.
  • What are some funny pranks to do?

    Have someone point to their head and say the abbreviation for “mountain.” (MT/empty) Ask someone to spell the word “pots.” Then ask them the following question: “What do you do at a green light?” (Go) Have someone say the word “roast” 10 times fast. Ask someone “Whatcha eating under there”? Say to someone, “I’m thinking of having updog for lunch.”

    What is the best prank phone call?

    yes the place that sells sandwiches.

  • so proceed with caution.
  • Scorned lover.
  • You called me.
  • I need advice.
  • You’ve run out of toilet paper.
  • It’s been so long!
  • You own a haunted house.
  • What are the best places to prank call?

    15 Best Prank Call Websites Prank Owl. Prank Owl is one of the best free prank websites where you can send hilarious and funny automated sound that are already present. Comedy Calls. Comedy Calls is one of the best website for prank call. Prank Dial. Wacky Prank Calls. Easy Prank Calls. Foxy Call. Phone Losers. My Phone Robot. Prank Call Nation. Celeb Dial.

    How do you make prank calls?

    Prepare to Make a Prank Call Make the call anonymous. Develop a persona. Rehearse what you’ll say before the call. Practice disguising your voice. Remember not to laugh or break character. Avoid legal trouble. Dial the number on your phone.