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Is there an annual report of the Secretary of the Navy?

Is there an annual report of the Secretary of the Navy?

Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy – Several of the older Secretary of the Navy Reports contain lists of widowers and pensioners of the United Stated Navy. These provide no more than a name and how much the individual received.

What are the archives of the US Navy?

Archives – The Archives of the Naval History and Heritage Command is the primary repository of the US Navy’s official post-World War II operational and administrative history records. Along with these official records, they are a resource for Oral Histories and a collection of personal papers of prominent naval personalities.

Where can I find a list of Navy officer assignments?

The Directories give information on the officer assignments, whether they are on a ship or at a shore establishment, and can also give squadron assignments for aviators. The Navy Department Library holds Directories from 1908 to 1942.

What are the two collections of the Navy?

The general rule for the division of the two collections is World War II, with the Navy Department Library having the older biographies and the Operational Archives having the more recent biographies. However, there is considerable temporal overlap between the two collections.

Where was the Navy during the 9 / 11 attacks?

The oral histories focus on the experiences of Naval Staff on duty in London at Naval Forces Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR) on 9/11, as well their work in the aftermath and their observations on foreign reactions to the attacks. Navy Combat Documentation Detachment 206: Documenting Operation Enduring Freedom – CINCLANTFLT & COMSECONDFLT Norfolk

Are there biographies of people in the Navy?

Biographies in Naval History – This digitized collection of brief biographies covers US Navy personalities of note throughout the history of the Navy. ZB files – This series contains biographical information pertaining to US naval officers, a few enlisted, and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century.