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Is Splendor Pro a good bike?

Is Splendor Pro a good bike?

Reviews on Splendor PRO. Best bike for daily use. Lite wait very comfortable to ride, It makes the ride very cool, it looks like a regular bike with a simple design, best service by the company and I regularly change my engine oil after every 2500 km. Pros: Good speed comfortable to ride, Better mileage, Good pickup.

Why was Hero Splendor Pro discontinued?

The Hero Splendor Pro Classic gets power from a Honda sourced 97.2 cc engine. As the contract between Hero MotoCorp and Honda has ended, this could be one of the reasons for stopping the production of the motorcycle. The HF Dawn is also powered by the same Honda sourced unit.

Which model of splendor is best?

One of India’s first BS6-compliant two-wheelers, the Splendor range comprises three models – the Splendor Plus, Splendor iSmart and the Super Splendor. The Splendor Plus continues to be the most affordable, with a starting price of Rs 59,600. The Super Splendor is the most expensive, starting at Rs 67,300.

Is Hero Splendor worth buying?

@ Nagamahesh | Hero splendor plus is a bike with good mileage , decent look , better road grip , good mileage , less maintance cost . good resale value . in emergency you can push it to 90 KMPL with very less risk on highways .

Which bike is best in hero?

Top 5 Mileage Bikes of Hero

  • Hero Super Splendor. Mileage: 83 kmpl.
  • Hero HF Deluxe. Mileage: 83 kmpl.
  • Hero Splendor Plus. Mileage: 80.6kmpl.
  • Hero Passion Pro BS6. Mileage: 70 kmpl.
  • Hero Passion XPro. Mileage: 85.6kmpl.

Which bike is best in mileage?

Top 10 Bikes with the Best Mileage in India in 2020

  1. TVS Sport (Mileage: 95kmpl)
  2. Bajaj Platina 100 (Mileage: 90kmpl)
  3. Bajaj CT 100 (Mileage: 89kmpl)
  4. TVS Star City Plus (Mileage: 86kmpl)
  5. Honda Dream Yuga (Mileage: 84kmpl)
  6. Yamaha Saluto RX (Mileage: 82kmpl)
  7. Hero Splendor Plus (Mileage: 81kmpl)
  8. TVS Radeon (Mileage: 70kmpl)

Is Splendor Pro discontinued?

Hero MotoCorp discontinues HF Dawn, Splendor iSmart and Splendor Pro Classic from India. Hero MotoCorp has discontinued its three motorcycles viz HF Dawn, Splendor Pro Classic and Splendor iSmart from the Indian two-wheeler market. Decision has been made as the three were using Honda’s engines.

Is Hero Splendor discontinued?

With transition being a timebound focus now, Hero MotoCorp has discontinued its BSIV Splendor, HF Delux, Glamour, and Pleasure variants. In quicktime, more vehicle lines will be axed.

Why is splendor so popular?

It is renowned for its bullet proof reliability, solid fuel efficiency and longevity. Splendor has been the biggest success story for Hero and is still sold in millions. No other motorcycle or motorcycle brand has achieved this level of success.

Is Splendor good for long rides?

I feel bike is good for this segment and good to ride. Its very comfortable to ride and can take it anywhere. Superb bike in its range but seat comfort is very less. I suggest the seat base must be increased overall and I like this bike in every condition.