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Is Lenovo ThinkPad T430 a good laptop?

Is Lenovo ThinkPad T430 a good laptop?

The Lenovo ThinkPad T430 has everything a business user could want–durability, performance, longevity and security in a well-designed package. The new Precision Keyboard is superb, making this notebook comfortable to use for long stretches. And, thanks to the 9-cell battery, you get more than 13 hours of endurance.

How old is Lenovo ThinkPad T430?


Model Release date (US) CPU
T430 June 2012 3rd Gen Intel Core Up to i7-3840QM (4C8T 2.8/3.8 GHz Turbo)
T430s 3rd Gen Intel Core Up to i7-3520M (2C4T 2.9/3.6 GHz Turbo)
Modern case
T430u Sept 2012 3rd Gen Intel Core Up to i7-3517U (2C4T 1.9/3.0 GHz Turbo)

How long does T430 battery last?

Battery life up to 13 hours with 6-cell and optional 3-cell bay batteries.

Does T430 have HDMI?

Lenovo T430 has a mini displayport, so this cable should work. Yes, this cable will work to connect your Lenovo T430 to a television or other display with an HDMI port.

How do I remove the harddrive from my Lenovo T430?

Hard Disk Drive Removal Movie – ThinkPad T430

  1. Unlock the battery latch then.
  2. Slide and hold the latch into the release position and,
  3. Slide the battery pack out of the bay.
  4. Loosen the captive screw on the hard disk drive cover.
  5. Remove the hard disk drive cover starting with the edge closet to the screw.

How old is Lenovo ThinkPad?


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2013)
Manufacturer IBM/Lenovo
Type Laptop/Netbook
Release date October 1992
Units sold 100 million+ (c. 2017)

How much RAM does Lenovo T430 have?

The T430 takes two 1600 MHz PC3-12800 SO-DIMMs and supports up to 16GB memory.