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Is IE6 still used?

Is IE6 still used?

Internet Explorer 6 was the most widely used web browser during its tenure (surpassing Internet Explorer 5. x), attaining a peak percentage in usage share during 2002 and 2003 in the high 80s, and together with other versions up to 95%….Market share.

Internet Explorer Desktop Market Share
All variants 3.28%

What version of IE works with Windows XP?

OS compatibility

Operating system Latest stable IE version
Microsoft Windows Windows 7 or later, Server 2008 R2 or later 11.0.220
Windows 8 10.0.46
Vista, Server 2008 9.0.195
XP, Server 2003 8.0.6001.18702

Does IE work on XP?

Microsoft has stopped providing any type of technical support for Windows XP computers. This also means Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer 8, the default web browser for Windows XP. Continuing to use XP and IE8 could expose your computer to serious threats, including viruses and malware.

Can I still use Internet Explorer 6?

Microsoft may have retired Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) last week, but it’s still keeping track of the ancient browser’s user share on a death watch-like website that’s been running for more than three years. IE6 launched in August 2001, about two months before Windows XP shipped.

How do I update my browser Windows XP?

To do so, click the Windows “Start” button after restarting your computer, and then click “Internet Explorer” to launch the web browser. Click the “Help” menu located on the top and click “About Internet Explorer”. A new pop-up window launches. You should see the latest version in the “Version” section.

Does IE6 still work?

Internet Explorer is still in charge of the browser market and IE6 is hanging on. Even though Microsoft has pushed IE7 as hard as it can, many users still have IE6. In corporate environments, where internal applications have been written specifically with IE6 in mind, the upgrade process will be slow.

Does IE6 support https?

No, there is not a way to turn HTTPS back on in a copy of IE that old. The Windows 98 version of IE6 is different than the version installed with XP and does not know how to handle SHA-2 certificates. That’s where most of the web server world is right now.

What is the best browser for Windows XP in 2020?

  1. UC Browser. Download Now. UC browser maybe widely known for their mobile version browsers but it also has a great PC offering and the best part is their latest version is fully compatible with Windows XP.
  2. Baidu Spark Browser. Download Now.
  3. Epic Privacy browser. Download Now.
  4. K-meleon. Download Now.
  5. Mozilla Firefox. Download Now.

What is the highest version of IE for XP?

The operating system is bundled with Internet Explorer, also known as IE. The highest version of IE you can install on your Windows XP system is IE 8.

When did IE6 come out?

August 16, 1995
Internet Explorer/Initial release date