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How much is a Miata hardtop worth?

How much is a Miata hardtop worth?

All first-gen Miatas were 2-seat roadsters with manually retractable fabric roofs. A color-matched hardtop was available from the factory but rarely specified. Today, you can expect to pay $800-$1,000 for a used hardtop, depending on condition.

Can you buy hardtop for Miata?

Adding a Smooth Line Removable Hardtop is the best styling and practical improvement that can be made to your Miata. Our custom designed Hardtop will give an exciting, clean and smooth look to your Miata while comfortably protecting you from unwanted noise and weather.

Can you conversion a soft top Miata to hardtop?

Adding a removable Hardtop is the most exciting and practical improvement that can be made to your Miata. Simply lower the convertible top in the normal position (the convertible top is not removed) and latch the Hardtop in place. Now you can experience the full potential of your Miata on the street, or track.

How can you tell if a Miata hardtop is OEM?

Hardtop and Snug tops (aftermarket) are the most common. The best tell tale (not a guaruntee) is if you see a one inch tab at the top center of the back glass where the weatherstrip meets it is a OEM top. If the weather strip comes together at the bottom center with no tab it is most likley a Snug Top.

Are NA and NB hardtop the same?

Yes, NA/NB tops interchange.

Can you replace a convertible top with a hardtop?

REPLACE YOUR CONVERTIBLE TOP WITH A SMOOTH LINE REMOVABLE HARDTOP. Since 1959, our quality removable Hardtops have been enjoyed by many thousands of sport car enthusiasts. For a simple, permanent solution, you just can’t beat a Smooth Line Hardtop.

Can you put a roof rack on a Miata?

Revo-Rack eliminates the risk of paint damage, caused by steel clamps or straps on the trunk lid edges. It fits every MX5/Miata made including the RF & PRHT/ Roadster coupe, the roof can be operated on both with the rack in place.