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How do I write a feedback to my professor?

How do I write a feedback to my professor?

Students comments

  1. Thank you very much Professor Shoniregun.
  2. I wish you the best of the best with your career and your life.
  3. Thank you so much Professor Shoniregun.
  4. God Almighty will continue to favour you and crown all your efforts with success…!
  5. With many thanks Sir.
  6. Professor, Thank you very much for your help…!

What do you say to a good professor?

Here are some of five top qualities we believe every professor shouldn’t be without:

  • Fascinating Character and Effective Teaching Style.
  • Ability to Set Goals.
  • Cleverness in a Classroom Management.
  • Curriculum Expertise.
  • Expertise in the Subject Matter.

How do you write a student evaluation comment?

The student:

  1. tackles classroom assignments, tasks, and group work in an organized manner.
  2. uses class time wisely.
  3. arrives on time for school (and/or class) every day.
  4. is well-prepared for class each day.
  5. works at an appropriate pace, neither too quickly or slowly.
  6. completes assignments in the time allotted.

How do students write comments?

Your comments on student writing should clearly reflect the hierarchy of your concerns about the paper….

  1. Make some positive comments.
  2. Comment primarily on patterns—representative strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Write in complete, detailed sentences.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Use a respectful tone.
  6. Write legibly (in any ink but red).

How do you appreciate a good student?

101 Ways To Say “Very Good!”

  1. I’m happy to see you working like that.
  2. You’ve just about mastered that.
  3. You’re really working hard today.
  4. I’m proud of the way you worked today.
  5. That’s the best you’ve ever done.
  6. You’re doing that much better.
  7. Keep working on it. You’re good.
  8. Couldn’t have done it better myself.

How do you say thank you to a student?

Thank you very much, indeed. It was clever of you to pick out something so perfect for me. I enjoyed having you in my class this year and appreciated all the effort you put into your work. I am sure you will go on to do great things since you are talented and smart, too.

How do you appreciate students performance?

How do you write remarks for weak students?

I would like to see ___ show some positively when faced with a challenging task. ___ has a fantastic effort and is working hard to improve his/her academic ability in all areas. ___ should be very proud of the consistent effort he/she has displayed throughout the term, even when the set work has been challenging.

Can you use the professor’s comments on Your Own Paper?

You may be able to apply the professor’s comments to your own paper as you edit one of your rough drafts. Always remember: Your professors in Speech Communication are interested in your questions and writing problems.

What makes a professor a good lecturer or professor?

My answer was ‘a good Lecturer or Professor must be able to impact knowledge to others and contribute to knowledge within his or her research area’. My son replied, ‘not always the case, you should have a page on your website that shows realistic comments from your present and past students’.

What should I expect from a response from a professor?

This section includes a response written by a professor to a student who was working on an independent study project. Reading through the response may provide you a better understanding of the application of concepts mentioned elsewhere on this writing web site.

What should I ask my professors in Speech Communication?

Always remember: Your professors in Speech Communication are interested in your questions and writing problems. They can be useful resources. If you are invited to contact them for further help, do not hesitate to do so.