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How do I renew my New Zealand passport overseas?

How do I renew my New Zealand passport overseas?

If you want to renew your New Zealand passport, contact the Department of Internal Affairs. If you want to renew the passport of any other country, please contact the nearest consulate, high commission or embassy of the country that issued your passport for information on the renewal process.

How do I renew my Australian passport overseas?

How to renew

  1. Click the ‘Renew online’ button.
  2. Create an AusPassport account.
  3. Complete, print and sign your application form.
  4. Have your passport photos taken.
  5. Lodge your renewal in person at an Australian diplomatic mission or consulate.
  6. Pay the application fee.

How do I renew my New Zealand passport?

To renew your passport online you must be aged 16 or older and have a:

  1. passport already, even if it’s expired, lost, stolen or damaged.
  2. RealMe login — if you don’t have one, you can create one during the online application.
  3. passport photo.
  4. identity referee.
  5. credit, debit or Prezzy® card.

How can I renew my passport online?

Passport applications cannot be submitted online. Fill out the application by hand. Download the passport application form (DS-11) and instructions (PDF, Download Adobe Reader) and complete the application by hand, or go to a local passport acceptance facility to get a copy to fill out.

How long does it take to renew a NZ passport in Australia?

It can take up to 30 days to process the application. An urgent application takes up to ten days. For more information and up to date fees see the New Zealand Passports webite.

How much is a NZ passport renewal?

Renew or replace your adult passport Renewing an adult New Zealand passport costs $191 and takes up to 10 working days.

What happens if my passport expires in Australia?

You can’t travel on the expired passport, use it for identity purposes, or apply for another visa using that passport. If you’re in the process of applying for Australian Citizenship, it’s not necessary to have an in-date passport.

Is it cheaper to renew passport before it expires?

Passport Renewal: Price. The final difference between the two applications is the price. Renewing your passport application is cheaper than new passport applications. A new passport application costs $110 for the application and $35 for the execution fee.

Do you send your old passport when renewing?

I’m renewing my passport. Yes, in most cases, we will return the old, canceled passport to you. The old passport may be sent separately from your new passport. We recommend keeping your old passport in a safe place as it is considered proof of your U.S. citizenship.

Can an Australian get a NZ passport?

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident You can apply for New Zealand citizenship if you have lived here for at least the last 5 years.