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How do I claim Dole-AKAP cash assistance?

How do I claim Dole-AKAP cash assistance?

How to Apply to OFW Cash Assistance (Online)?

  1. Copy of Passport or Travel Document;
  2. Copy of flight ticket or boarding pass evidencing return to the Philippines or arrival stamp/sticker attached in the Passport;

Is Dole-AKAP still available?

Buenafe said that OWWA 9 is still accepting online applications via its website. “Our processing for AKAP is still ongoing.

Who are eligible for Dole-AKAP?

Regular / Recorded OFWs, as described in the 2016 Revised POEA Rules and Regulations, are those who: Have a valid passport and an appropriate visa or permit to stay and work in the receiving country; Have had their contract of employment processed by the POEA or the POLO.

What is Dole-AKAP financial assistance?

DOLE-AKAP is a program that gives one-time financial assistance of P10,000 or $200 to overseas Filipino workers whose employment was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do I get financial assistance from OWWA?

Requirements for Financial Assistance Application

  1. Accomplished application forms.
  2. Original copy of medical case history certificate issued by attending.
  3. physician ( local and abroad ).
  4. Passport / Seaman’s Service Record Book.
  5. OFW / Seaman’s Information Sheet, Certificate Of Coverage (COC) and.

How do I claim OWWA benefits?

How to Claim OWWA Death and Burial Claim?

  1. Get an application form from the nearest POLO-OWWA office or OWWA office.
  2. Complete all of the documentation specifications.
  3. Submit all required documents to the nearest OWWA Office.
  4. Wait for the call from OWWA for your disability and dismemberment benefits.

How do I claim OWWA death benefit?

How do I get cash assistance from OFW?

To apply for the cash assistance program, on-site OFWs must visit the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in their host country. Meanwhile, repatriated OFWS and Balik Manggagawa must apply at OWWA Regional Welfare Offices (RWOs).

Who can claim OWWA death benefit?

If you have an OFW relative who died abroad, you can actually claim their death benefits from OWWA. If the deceased OFW was an active member of OWWA, the beneficiaries can claim up to PHP 200,000, depending on the nature of death. The money will help in funding for the funeral and burial costs of the OFW.

Who can avail OWWA benefits?

All registered members of can avail the many OWWA services that range from health care, disability and death benefits, scholarships and financial assistance for education and training, workers assistance and on-site services, and social services and family welfare assistance .

How do I get financial assistance in OWWA?

What are the requirements for OWWA assistance?

Applicants are required to bring the following requirements in view of the said benefit: Valid Passport, Airline Ticket, and Proof of Employment such as Overseas Employment Certificate and their valid contracts.