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Can you walk across Leaderfoot Viaduct?

Can you walk across Leaderfoot Viaduct?

This is an impressive structure in a beautiful location. The new road is rather noisy though and it is a great pity that although it is possible to access the path to the viaduct, it is blocked off so that you can not cross it.

How do I get to Leaderfoot Viaduct?

Start the walk from Melrose Abbey and head north to the River. You can then pick up a nice riverside path heading east to the structure. Here you’ll also find the Drygrange Old Bridge, a road bridge dating from 1776, and its modern successor sitting just to the east of the viaduct.

Where is Leaderfoot bridge?

Scottish Borders
The Leaderfoot Viaduct, also known as the Drygrange Viaduct, is a railway viaduct over the River Tweed near Melrose in the Scottish Borders.

Can you walk over Shankend Viaduct?

No walking allowed over the viaduct.

Who built the Leaderfoot Viaduct?

Charles Jopp
One of the most striking heritage landmarks in the Scottish Borders is the 19th-century Leaderfoot Viaduct, built in 1865 to carry the Berwickshire Railway across the River Tweed just east of Melrose. It was designed by Charles Jopp and Messrs Wylie and Peddie.

What happened Melrose Abbey?

It was headed by the abbot or commendator of Melrose. Today the abbey is maintained by Historic Environment Scotland as a scheduled monument. The east end of the abbey was completed in 1146. Other buildings in the complex were added over the next 50 years….Melrose Abbey.

Monastery information
Diocese Diocese of Glasgow

When was the Leaderfoot viaduct built?

November 16, 1863
Leaderfoot Viaduct/Opened

Who destroyed Melrose Abbey?

Richard II of England
In 1322 Edward II desecrated and burnt the abbey. It was rebuilt and endowed by King Robert the Bruce in 1326 only to be destroyed again in 1385 when Richard II of England once more set the abbey ablaze. On Robert the Bruce’s death, his heart was sent on crusade to the Holyland, accompanied by ‘Good Sir James Douglas’.

What is Melrose Abbey famous for?

St Mary’s Abbey, Melrose is a partly ruined monastery of the Cistercian order in Melrose, Roxburghshire, in the Scottish Borders. It was founded in 1136 by Cistercian monks at the request of King David I of Scotland and was the chief house of that order in the country until the Reformation.

Who built Leaderfoot Viaduct?

Are dogs allowed in Melrose Abbey?

Visitors’ dogs are allowed at Melrose Abbey, but are not permitted in roofed areas. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and not left unattended at any time. Owners must pick up after their dogs.

Are Cistercian monks Catholic?

Cistercian, byname White Monk or Bernardine, member of a Roman Catholic monastic order that was founded in 1098 and named after the original establishment at Cîteaux (Latin: Cistercium), a locality in Burgundy, near Dijon, France.

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