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Who do I contact about customs charges?

Who do I contact about customs charges?

0300 200 3700
If you have a specific question about the duties / taxes for a parcel that’s being sent to you, you need to contact the HM Revenue and Customs team on 0300 200 3700. You can also find more information about tax and customs on goods sent from abroad on the website.

How do I contact UK customs?

  1. 0300 322 9434. Textphone:
  2. 0300 200 3719. Opening times: Monday to Friday: 8am to 10pm. Saturday and Sunday: 8am to 4pm. You can also find out information in: the official HMRC app. your personal tax account or business tax account using HMRC online services. Find out about call charges.

How do I claim back customs charges?

You can claim repayment or remission of charges on rejected imports and CAP goods using form C&E1179. For declarations made by CHIEF or the Customs Declaration Service, you must submit your claim either: 3 years from notification of the debt. 3 months from the date the customs entry was accepted.

How do I contact customs and Excise?

General enquiries

  1. Telephone: 0300 200 3700.
  2. Textphone: 0300 200 3719.
  3. Outside UK: +44 2920 501 261.

How much does customs clearance cost UK?

We charge £29 at any UK Sea or Airport for a standard Customs Clearance and all you need to do is contact us with the details you have such as Airwaybill number or Sea Line Notice of Arrival.

Will I have to pay customs charges from UK?

Buying goods from outside the European Union (EU) including the UK. From 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer a member of the European Union (EU). If you buy goods for personal use from outside the EU, you may have to pay: Customs Duty.

Can I contact customs about a parcel?

Should you have any questions, please contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Information Center. Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). For General Inquiries call: 1-877-227-5511.

Can you fight customs charges?

You have two options: Refuse the parcel and request a reassessment (a review of the amount charged before paying); or. You can pay the duty and taxes and request an adjustment (a review of the amount charged after it is paid).

How do I avoid custom charges?

Currently, you can send a parcel to any destination in the UK and throughout Europe without any additional customs charges or documentation being required. However, if you are sending a parcel outside of the European Union, such as to China, USA, India or Australia, you will need to complete customs documentation.

How do I speak to a real person at HMRC?

If you need to speak to a live customer service representative in HM Revenue and Customs customer service you need to dial 0300-200-3300 (Outside UK: +44-135-535-9022). To speak with a live agent, you need to stay on the line (typical waiting time is about 2-10 minutes).

How do I talk to customs?

Agency Details

  1. Website: U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  2. Contact: Contact Customs and Border Protection.
  3. Local Offices: Ports of Entry—Air, Land, and Sea.
  4. Main Address: 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.
  5. Phone Number: 1-202-325-8000.
  6. Toll Free: 1-877-CBP-5511 (1-877-227-5511)
  7. TTY: 1-866-880-6582.
  8. Forms:

Can I do customs clearance myself?

Follow these steps to get your goods for import through UK customs if you’re managing the process yourself. You can hire a transporter or customs agent to make the import declaration and get your goods through UK customs.