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Where is Page Field in Florida?

Where is Page Field in Florida?

Page Field Army Airfield is an inactive United States Army Air Forces base, approximately 4 miles south of Fort Myers, Florida.

Is FMY and RSW the same airport?

FMY has been designated by the FAA as a regional reliever airport for Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). Page Field and Southwest Florida International Airport are owned and operated by the Lee County Port Authority.

What airport is RSW in Florida?

Southwest Florida International Airport
Located in Fort Myers, Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) served nearly 6 million passengers in 2020 and is one of the top 50 U.S. airports for passenger traffic.

Are there two airports in Fort Myers?

Southwest Florida International Airport, located right in Fort Myers, and Punta Gorda Airport, situated just outside the city, offer a selection of airlines to choose from, flying in from both domestic and international locations.

Is Fort Myers Florida a military base?

Historic Sites Fort Myers was originally built to serve as a military base against the Seminole Indians in 1841. Historic sites and cultural attractions to explore in the downtown area include the Burroughs Home and Gardens, the Edison Ford Winter Estate and the Southwest Florida Museum of History.

What is the code for Fort Myers Airport?

Southwest Florida International Airport/Code

Which airport is FMY?

Page Field/Code

What is the code for Fort Myers airport?

Is Fort Myers a big airport?

The airport sits on 13,555 acres (5,486 ha, 21.2 sq. mi.) of land just southeast of Fort Myers, making it the third-largest airport in the United States in terms of land size (after Denver and Dallas/Fort Worth)….Largest airlines at RSW. (June 2020 – May 2021)

Rank 5
Airline JetBlue
Passengers 689,000
Share 9.82%

Is Fort Myers safe?

Recently, Fort Myers was ranked as the 8th safest city to live in the USA. FORT MYERS, Fla. — Good news for the city of Fort Myers. A new study done by US News and World Report ranked Fort Myers as the 8th safest place to live in the country.

Is it expensive to live in Fort Myers Florida?

Cost Of Living In Fort Myers, FL According to, the cost of living index in Fort Myers, FL is 96.2, which is lower than the Florida average of 102.8, and the US average of 100. However, the cost of healthcare (117.3) and groceries (103.2) are both significantly higher than the US and Florida averages.

What units are at Fort Myer?

Fort Myer, VA – Units Major units based at Fort Myer include the first and fourth battalions of the 3rd U. S. Infantry Regiment (except for A Company), the U.S. Army Band, and the Fife and Drum Corps. The A Company of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment is stationed nearby at Fort McNair.