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What junction is copdock interchange?

What junction is copdock interchange?

A14 Junction 55
A14 Junction 55 a traffic light controlled, grade-separated junction, with the A14 running underneath the junction. The four-arm roundabout, locally known as the Copdock Interchange, forms the junction between the A14, A12 and A1214 and is located to the south-west of Ipswich, within Suffolk.

What junction is copdock Ipswich?

Copdock is a major junction on both the A12 and A14 near Ipswich. It is junction 33 on the A12 and junction 55 on the A14. The A1214 is also present at this junction, and is one of the main routes into Ipswich, linking up with the original A12 north of the junction.

What shops are at Copdock?

Shops near Copdock Interchange

  • Estate Stores. Grocers and Convenience Stores.
  • Funky Filly. Specialist Clothes Shops.
  • Tesco Extra. Supermarkets.
  • Clarks Mothercare Ipswich. Shoe Shops.
  • Mothercare. Maternity Clothes.
  • St Elizabeth Hospice Charity Shop. Charity Shops.
  • Chantry Residents Association Community Shop.
  • Sainsbury’s.

When did Tesco Copdock open?

November 17 1987
Staff and customers at the Copdock Tesco store have been celebrating three decades of every little helps with a special day marking its 30th anniversary today. The store opened on November 17 1987, and in that time has served thousands of customers.

What are the opening hours for Morrisons?

Morrisons opening hours are usually from 7am until 10pm Monday to Saturday. On a Sunday, opening hours are typically 9.30am to 4pm, apart from in Scotland where stores are open from 8am to 8pm.

What time does Sainsburys?

Most of Sainsbury’s supermarket branches open their doors from 7am first thing in the morning on weekdays and Saturday. They close their doors again late in the night, at around 10pm or 11pm. Opening and closing times for the supermarket are usually shorter on a Sunday though, and are from around 10am to 4pm.

Are Morrisons still opening early for NHS?

The new hour will be from 7am-8am and a Morrisons colleague will be on the door to let staff with an NHS badge in. Opening hours for other customers will move from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday.

Do Morrisons open early for browsing?

This will be from 6am to 7am Monday to Saturday, while on Sunday it has scrapped its browsing hour to make way for the new service – meaning NHS staff can begin shopping and buying products from 9am, while all customers will be able to shop as normal from 9.30am.

Do I have to wear a mask in Sainsburys?

Sainsbury’s. A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “While wearing a face covering will become a personal choice, the decision to ask everyone in stores to continue to wear a face covering if they can reflects feedback from customers and colleagues where the majority of people surveyed want to keep the policy in place.”

Is there a problem with Sainsburys online shopping?

Sainsbury’s has been forced to suspend its online shopping service due to technical problems. Around 10,000 customers are thought to be affected by the outage, which the company is blaming on computer problems affecting its processing system.

Are Morrisons still giving 10% discount to NHS staff?

“We are also today showing our continuing gratitude and appreciation for the incredible work of other key workers in the nation, by extending our 10% discount for NHS staff for the whole of 2021.”

Do NHS get priority at Morrisons?

A number of supermarkets are offering dedicated time slots for NHS staff to do their weekly shop….Shopping times for NHS staff.

Supermarket Key workers Elderly/vulnerable shoppers
Morrisons Monday to Saturday: 06:00–07:00, Sunday: 09:00–09:30 No priority hours
Sainsbury’s No priority hours (can go to front of the queue at all times)