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What is XPanel in Crestron?

What is XPanel in Crestron?

Model: XPANEL Crestron XPanel lets you control anything in your home, office or classroom using a laptop or desktop computer running Windows®, Mac®, or even Linux®. XPanel works on any computer platform and any screen size using a mouse, touch screen monitor, or other pointing device.

How do I access Crestron XPanel?

1. See “Making a Browser (Webpage) Xpanel in local control system network” section. 2. To connect to the webpage loaded into the Crestron control processor simply open a web browser (i.e. Internet explorer) and type in the Public IP address that was provided by the Internet Service Provider.

How do I run XPanel?

To launch the application, select the [XPanel.exe] file….Open and select under [Compile] tab.

  1. Select the target to be [Executable-PC] for running from a Computer.
  2. Select the target to be [Executable-HPC] for running from a Web Tablet.
  3. Select the target to be [Exectuable-PPC] for running from a PDA, a Pocket PC.

What is Crestron EDK?

The Crestron Enterprise Development Kit (EDK) is a collection of PowerShell modules that enables users to interface with Crestron devices over Ethernet. It provides the ability to securely send commands and receive responses.

What is Crestron CH5?

CH5 consists of various technology components that, when used together, allow developers to create dynamic user interfaces for Crestron® ecosystems.

What is Crestron smart graphics?

Crestron VT Pro-e® software is comprehensive touch screen graphical user interface (GUI) design software for use by authorized Crestron® system programmers. With VT Pro-e, programmers can create GUIs for touch screens, the Crestron App, and XPanel.

What do you do when your Crestron touch screen stops working?

Unplug the power cord from the rear of each, wait a moment, and then plug it back in, Extron first, and then Crestron. Let the devices complete their reboot cycles, and then test the Crestron control panel again to see if it is responding properly now.

How do I calibrate my Crestron touch panel?

Calibration of the touchscreen is required if the active touch area of a button does not coincide with the button’s image. Select the Calibration button to initiate “calibration mode”. The touchpanel prompts you with a message, “Touch Upper Left Corner”. Touch the corner of the screen; be as accurate as possible.

What is Crestron Studio?

Crestron Studio® software makes it easy to create stunning, intuitive touch screen interfaces without having to write a single line of code. Just draw your signal flow diagram like you normally do and Crestron Studio does the rest.

What programming language does Crestron use?

Crestron supports C# via SIMPL Sharp, and AMX supports Java — two very open, very useful languages. Unfortunately for AV programmers, the implementations supported by the manufacturers are terribly outdated. Crestron launched C# support with its 3-Series line of processors, the first of which was released in 2011.

How do you reset Crestron?

Press and release the HW‑R button on the Crestron Home processor. Within 3 seconds, press the SW‑R button on the Crestron Home processor five times, with under a 1‑second gap between each press. The processor begins the factory reset process and then reboots. The process may take up to 15 minutes to complete.

Are there any Crestron control systems that support xpanel?

XPanel is supported on all Ethernet-enabled Crestron® control systems. XPanel with Smart Graphics™ is supported on all 3-Series® control systems. XPanel with Smart Graphics is supported on the following 2-Series control systems: AV2, CP2E, DMPS-100-C, DMPS-200-C, DMPS-300-C, DMPS-300-C-AEC, PAC2, PRO2, RACK2.

Can you use Crestron touchpanels on a Mac?

Effortlessly bring touchpanels to the desktop of Mac OS® X with native Crestron support. Augment existing systems to add more control in more places, or use any sleek Mac as a main control interface, making a complete control solution extremely affordable. There’s no need for Windows® software emulators or advanced programming.

How does xpanel for Mac work on a Mac?

XPanel for Mac is a software application which runs on the Mac and connects to any Crestron 2-Series control system or Prodigy Central Controller. Through a secure Ethernet connection, XPanel for Mac sends and receives data to and from the control system based on user commands.

Which is the best control system for xpanel with smart graphics?

XPanel with Smart Graphics is supported on the following 2‑Series control systems: AV2, CP2E, DMPS‑100‑C, DMPS‑200‑C, DMPS‑300‑C,DMPS‑300‑C‑AEC, PAC2, PRO2, and RACK2. NOTE: Smart Graphics applications such as Media Player, Weather, and EnergyMonitor require a 3‑Series control system.