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What is the health benefit of DOUM Palm?

What is the health benefit of DOUM Palm?

Several studies have recorded that doum fruit extracts contain high amount of flavonoids, phenols and used as antioxidant and antibacterial activities (Table 1), which can alleviate the adverse effects of oxidative stress and prevent diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria [16].

What does doum fruit taste like?

Zuriat fruit has a distinctive taste and aroma, like gingerbread or slightly similar to brown sugar.

What is Doum palm fruit?

Doum palm fruit (Hyphaene thebaica) is a desert palm. tree with edible oval fruit, originally native to the Nile. valley. It also grows very well in the northern part of. Nigeria.

What is the benefit of Goruba?

According to him, dried and preserved Goruba fruit cures many ailments such as diabetics, blood clots, digestion and pains from domestic and fatal accidents. “We are blessed with Goruba fruits in Yobe State and we preserve it by drying.

What is the meaning of doum?

The definition of a doum is a palm tree in Africa that creates a fruit that looks and tastes like gingerbread, and is also known as a gingerbread palm or Hyphaene thebaica. An example of a doum is a palm tree you might find in Eritrea. noun.

What is Goruba called in English?

Noun. The doum palm tree in Hausa is called goruba, wata bishiyar gazari mai kamar giginya amma ba ta kai tsawon ta ba. Ana iya cin ‘ya’yanta. <> Hyphaene thebaica, a palm tree with edible oval fruit.

What is the meaning of DOUM?

Are there palm trees in Egypt?

RAS SUDR, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt – 25 June 2017: Palm trees have been the best friend of Egyptians since the dawn of time. They are well known on the banks of the Nile, desert oases in Sinai and along the sea shores. The Oasis palm trees have fruits that are extra sweet and can be stored all year long.

What is Goron Tula used for?

Goron tula is used to increase the libido as consumption of the fruit helps in developing strong desires for sexual intercourse and also serves as an aphrodisiac several rounds of having sex with your partner. People experiencing lowered libido, as a result of stress or other health conditions, can try goron tula.

What is the English name for Agbalumo?

African Star Apple
Did you know its proper English name is African Star Apple? It is also called White Star Apple.