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What is Nantes France known for?

What is Nantes France known for?

Nantes is a city full of interesting landmarks like the castle and the cathedral, with plenty of trendy venues and technological fantasy to enjoy too. Besides its manmade attractions, Nantes is famous for its vineyards that produce Muscadet white wine.

Why is Nantes called Nantes?

Nantes derives its name from the Namnètes, a Gallic tribe who made it their capital. It became a commercial centre under the Romans. The Normans, after pillaging the town, occupied it from 834 to 936.

How old is Nantes?

After about 1,000 years of trading, local industry appeared around 900 BC; remnants of smithies dated to the eighth and seventh centuries BC have been found in the city. Nantes may have been the major Gaulish settlement of Corbilo, on the Loire estuary, which was mentioned by the Greek historians Strabo and Polybius.

What do you call someone from Nantes?

According to the most recent figures from 2010, there are 284,970 people living in the city of Nantes and more than 600,000 if you include the metropolitan area. French people call them ‘les Nantais’ and ‘les Nantaises’.

What food is Nantes known for?

Whether sweet or savoury, there are many Nantes speciality dishes. Gâteau Nantais cake, lamb’s lettuce, Berlingot boiled sweets, Muscadet wine, Curé Nantais cheese, duck and more: Nantes has become a wonderful gastronomic destination!

Is Nantes France worth visiting?

The dazzling city of Nantes in western France is the ideal destination for a city break. It is a lively university city where modernity and history meet to offer tourists striking art, deep culture, and unforgettable fun. Though not so big, the city’s sceneries are stunning, and it is a city definitely worth visiting.

Is Nantes France safe?

Among the major cities and tourist destinations in western France, Nantes is among the safest, if not the safest. In the entire country, it also ranks among the safest and the best place for travelers to visit. Armed violence is low, the chances of being mugged are low, and the transport system is safe.

Does Nantes have a beach?

The wonderful port city of Nantes is a great family destination, and equally magnificent are the beaches near it. The city is the capital of the north-western French area of Pays de la Loire. These are public and private beaches.

Is Nantes worth visiting?

What food is Nantes famous for?

Is Nantes safe at night?

Nantes is somewhat safe to travel to if you are a female traveling solo. Apply all the general precaution rules such as not walking alone in poorly lit and deserted areas, not finding yourself in the strange company at night.

Is Nantes pretty?

This makes Nantes just as attractive for summer breaks as it does winter; when you’ve seen the sights, schedule a few day trips to the beach. One of the nearby gems to the southwest is the stunning island Noirmoutier-en-l’Île. Sand dunes meet pine forests, all within a couple of hours drive.

How many people live in Nantes, France?

Nantes is a large place in the region of Pays de la Loire in France with a population of approximately 277,269 people and is one of the largest places in France. Find all facts and information about Nantes. Nantes is located in the region of Pays de la Loire and is also the regional capital of this region.

Where is the Ile de Nantes in France?

Quai Des Antilles, Nantes, France. Île de Nantes is an island neighbourhood of Nantes located in the city centre, surrounded by the Loire River. Part of a massive redevelopment project, Île de Nantes is a fascinating section of the city to spend some time in.

Why is Nantes the best city to visit in France?

Nantes is the city to use as a base if you want to do some rural exploring as well. You’re on the edge of Château country, so if you hire a car during your stay, you’ll be able to delve into the gorgeous Loire Valley and explore some of France’s most stunning castles.

How long is the drive from Nantes to Paris?

Nantes is located in the region of Pays de la Loire and is also the regional capital of this region. The distance from Nantes to France’s capital Paris (Paris) is approximately 343 km / 213 mi (as the crow flies).