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What hits did the Little River Band have?

What hits did the Little River Band have?

Track listing

No. Title Original album
1. “It’s a Long Way There” (short version) Little River Band (1975)
2. “Help Is on Its Way” Diamantina Cocktail (1977)
3. “Reminiscing” Sleeper Catcher (1978)
4. “Man on Your Mind” Time Exposure (1981)

When was the Little River Band popular?

The most successful Little River Band songs were all released in the mid to late 1970s and early 1980’s. After their initial period, the band went through many lineup changes over the years. Their first album was released in 1975 entitled Little River Band .

Who was lead singer for Little River Band?

Wayne Nelson
Glenn ShorrockSteve Wade
Little River Band/Lead singers

What kind of music is Little River Band?

Little River Band
Genres Rock AOR pop rock soft rock
Years active 1975–present
Labels EMI Harvest Capitol WEA MCA Frontiers Westwood One London Wavelength
Associated acts Mississippi, Birtles & Goble, Birtles Shorrock Goble

Why did Little River Band break up?

1/9 UPDATE: Little River Band will no longer be performing on ‘The Tonight Show. ‘ A representative for the group said that they were unable to obtain sync rights for the song they hoped to perform, ‘Reminiscing. ‘ And according to the Age, that’s exactly what Shorrock intends to do.

What happened to Glenn Shorrock?

Glenn Shorrock was replaced temporarily by John Farnham. He enjoyed worldwide success through the late 1970s and early ’80s as the lead singer of Little River Band, but fans were left shocked in 1982 when Glenn Shorrock was suddenly ousted from the band to be replaced by hit singer John Farnham.

Why did Little River band break up?

Why did Glenn Shorrock leave Little River Band?

It didn’t go down well with me, I didn’t want to leave really,” he said. “I just wanted to relax. We’d had some tremendous success in America and made money, we’d never seen those figures before. I just thought, ‘Let’s stop and regroup and recharge the batteries’.

Who died in Little River Band?

Two former members have died, Barry Sullivan in October 2003 (age 57) and Prestwich in January 2011 (age 56). Worldwide album and CD sales top 30 million. They had Top 10 hits for six consecutive years. The band was indicted into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame in 2004.

Why did Glenn Shorrock leave LRB?

Are there any original members of Little River Band?

The current Little River Band has not had an original member since the departure of Derek Pellicci 18 years ago but continues to perform the songs of Glenn Shorrock, Graeham Goble, Beeb Birtles and David Briggs under the LRB brand name. The brand name is now the property of one time member Stephen Housden.

What is Glenn Shorrock doing now?

These days, Shorrock, who lives with his wife, Jo, in a converted National Trust building overlooking Sydney Harbour, is still making music. He does it “for the love of it”. “I’m not trying to climb the ladder of success anymore,” he said. “I’m a really lucky man.

What are the most popular Little River Band songs?

The Little River Band Top Ten Hits: 1 “Reminiscing” 2 “It’s A Long Way There” This was the groups first hit song and the one that gave them their start in America. 3 “The Night Owls” From the album “Time Exposure”, which went to #21 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums charts, the hit song “The Night Owls” came out.

Who are the members of the Little River Band?

The Little River Band song “It’s A Long Way There,” was the album’s opening track. The band on the album consisted of Glenn Shorrock on lead vocals, Beeb Birtles on lead vocals, Ric Formosa playing guitars, Graham Goble on lead vocals, backing vocals, and guitars, Roger McLachlan on bass and Derek Pellicci on drums.

Who was lead singer of Night Owls by Little River Band?

“The Night Owls” (1981) This track off Time Exposure features Glenn Shorrock on lead vocals. Written by Graham Gobles, the tune (which got seriously heavy rotation on the radio) ends with a sizzling guitar solo by Dave Briggs, who’d left LRB by the time the song had made it all the way to number six.