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What does JEM mean on a bearing?

What does JEM mean on a bearing?

JEM is the cage design designator. It means Steel cage, quiet running, C3 clearance.

What is Jem in SKF bearing?

The SKF 6000 JEM series deep groove ball bearing is an open ball bearing with C3 clearance and has a deep-groove geometry for high speeds and supporting both radial and axial loads. All rolling bearings are open, shielded, or sealed.

What does LH mean on a bearing?

LU, LLU: Double-lip contact rubber seal. LH,LLH: Light contact rubber seal.

What do the letters mean on bearings?

The number and letter combinations have the following meaning: The first digit or letter or combination of letters identifies the bearing type and eventually a basic variant. The first digit indicates the width or height series (dimensions B, T or H). The second digit identifies the diameter series (dimension D).

What does ZZ mean on bearing?

2 Z / ZZ – Bearing with a metal seal on both sides. Z – Bearing with a metal seal on one side, one side open. E – Reinforced Design.

What is a ZZ bearing?

Shields (ZZ) Shields are designed to prevent larger particles from entering the bearing and also to keep grease inside the bearing. They may be pressed into the bearing’s outer ring (non-removable) or retained by a circlip (removable).

What does 2RSH mean on a bearing?

2RS1 = Seals on both sides. 2RSH = Seals on both sides. 2RSR = Seals on both sides. 2RS = Seals on both sides. LLU = Seals on both sides.

What is ZZ type bearing?

Type 2 Z or ZZ is a non-removable, non-contact bearing closure with a metal seal on both sides. This type of seal doesn’t make contact with the inner ring therefore, there would be no impact on the operational speed.

What does C mean on a bearing?

The C code of the bearing indicates how much internal clearance the bearing gets in the machine.

What is the difference between 2RS and ZZ bearings?

Re: Bearings types difference The 2RS are sealed for life bearings i.e. the grease within the bearing cannot get out or contaminants get into the bearing and damage it. The ZZ are just a metal shield to stop larger contaminants damaging the bearing.

What is the difference between 2RS and ZZ Bearings?

What does the JEM stand for in SKF bearings?

What does “JEM” mean? In the aftermarket, SKF uses the designation “JEM” for deep groove ball bearings that are primarily used in electric motor applications. The “J” designates a steel cage and “EM” designates electric motor quality as required by electric motor OEMs.

What do the numbers in a bearing code mean?

Regardless of the numbering system used, each number and letter used in a bearing code has a specific meaning that helps to identify the type and specifications for the bearing. Bearing number crossovers are available from many manufacturers or distributors to interchange a bearing from one manufacturer to another.

What do the SKF bearing suffix codes mean?

SKF bearing suffix codes SKF bearing suffix identify designs or variants, which differ in some way from the original design or from the current basic design. The suffixes are divided into groups.

What do the J and Em stand for?

The “J” designates a steel cage and “EM” designates electric motor quality as required by electric motor OEMs. Several characteristics define the “JEM” specification – all of which come standard in the SKF deep groove ball bearing and meet industry requirements.