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What does a positive Yocum test mean?

What does a positive Yocum test mean?

In the Yocum manoeuvre, the arm is forced to adduction and the elbow is flexed until the hand is over the contralateral shoulder. Then the patient raises the elbow without moving the shoulder. The test is considered to be positive if the patient has pain during the manoeuvre [14].

How do you test for subacromial impingement syndrome?

Technique[edit | edit source] The examiner places the patient’s arm shoulder in 90 degrees of shoulder flexion with the elbow flexed to 90 degrees and then internally rotates the arm. The test is considered to be positive if the patient experiences pain with internal rotation.

Which test is positive for Infraspinatus?

The patient is asked to externally rotate both forearms against the examiner’s resistance. The test is positive when there is weakness or pain in external rotation. Infraspinatus tears are usually painless so external rotation weakness strongly suggests infraspinatus tear.

What is a positive crank test?

A positive test is indicated during the maneuver (usually during external rotation) if there is reproduction of symptoms (usually pain) with or without a click.

Does shoulder impingement hurt all the time?

Injury Description The pain is usually felt on the tip of the shoulder or part way down the shoulder muscle. The pain is felt when the arm is lifted overhead or twisted in a certain direction. In extreme cases, pain will be present all the time and it may even wake the injured individual from a deep sleep.

What does a torn infraspinatus feel like?

Patients with an infraspinatus tendon tear will also have pain while sleeping, reaching overhead, working on the computer, and reaching behind. They may also experience weakness in the affected arm causing them to predominately utilize their other arm as compensation.

What is the O Brien’s test?

The purpose of O’Brien’s Active Compression Test is to indicate potential labral (SLAP Lesion) or acromioclavicular lesions as cause for shoulder pain.

What does the empty can test test for?

The empty can test is a clinical test used to test the integrity of the supraspinatus tendon. In this test, the patient is tested at 90° elevation in the scapular plane and full internal rotation (empty can). The patient resists downward pressure exerted by the examiner at the patients elbow or wrist.

What does the full can test?

Purpose. The Full Can Test is used to assess the function of Supraspinatus muscle and tendon of the shoulder complex.

What kind of test is Yocum’s test used for?

The Yocum’s Test is used to examine the possibility of a shoulder rotator cuff impingement (subacromial impingement syndrome). It is also referred to as the Yocum Maneuvre.

How to do a Yocum’s test for shoulder pain?

1 Ask the patient to place the hand of their affected shoulder, to the opposite shoulder (cross body ADDuction). 2 The examiner will then elevate the elbow. 3 If the patient experiences pain or demonstrates signs of apprehension, the test is considered positive.

Which is the correct formula for sensitivity and specificity?

Sensitivity is the probability that a test will indicate ‘disease’ among those with the disease: Sensitivity: A/(A+C) × 100 Specificity is the fraction of those without disease who will have a negative test result:

Which is more sensitive the SLR or slump test?

Conclusion: The Slump test might be used more frequently as a sensitive physical examination tool in patients with symptoms of lumbar disc herniations. In contrast, owing to its higher specificity, the SLR test may especially help identify patients who have herniations with root compression requiring surgery.