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What did Houllier say about Ginola?

What did Houllier say about Ginola?

“He sent an Exocet missile through the heart of French football and committed a crime against the team,” Houllier fumed, alleging Ginola had played the vital role in France conceding the goal.

Did France qualify for 1994 World Cup?

France had been almost certain to qualify for the 1994 World Cup, but a shock defeat at home to Israel set up a showdown against Bulgaria at the Parc de Princes. Bulgaria were on their way to the USA. France were out and the feud between Ginola and Houllier was about to begin.

What year did France not qualify for World Cup?

FIFA World Cup record

FIFA World Cup finals record Qualifications record
Year Round
1934 Round of 16 1934
1938 Quarter-finals 1938
1950 Originally did not qualify, then invited, later withdrew 1950

Why did Cantona stop playing for France?

Cantona has not played for his country since January last year, a week before the assault on a Crystal Palace fan which led to his suspension from the game. Jacquet said that he felt Ginola, like Cantona, belonged to the past. “I don’t expect English crowds to support France in any way,” Jacquet said.

What famous French soccer player scored the fastest goal ever?

In 1998, Trezeguet scored the fastest ever goal in terms of velocity in UEFA Champions League history in a quarter-final match against Manchester United. The shot that resulted in a goal was clocked at 97.6 mph (157.3 km/h). With Monaco, he won Ligue 1 twice and was named Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year in 1998.

Why is Eric Cantona called King?

‘King Eric’, as Manchester United fans dubbed him almost instantaneously, such was the immediacy of the Frenchman’s impact at Old Trafford, was the lightning rod Sir Alex Ferguson needed to attach to a United squad brimming with talent, but not quite enough talent to relieve 26 years of hurt without a league title.

How many times did Cantona play France?

Cantona had earlier played for Leeds United before moving to Manchester United in 1992. He has also played for France national team from 1987 to 1994. He retired from football in 1997 and became a film actor.

Who is the famous French footballer?


# Name National team career
1 Lilian Thuram 1994–2008
2 Hugo Lloris§ 2008–
3 Thierry Henry 1997–2010
4 Marcel Desailly 1993–2004

How old is Paul Pogba?

28 years (March 15, 1993)
Paul Pogba/Age