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What bike did Beckham ride in Brazil?

What bike did Beckham ride in Brazil?

Triumph Bonneville T100
David Beckham’s Brazilian Triumph Bonneville T100 Built for English football icon David Beckham to ride from the brutal streets of Rio de Janeiro to the unforgiving Amazon rainforest, this Triumph is the collaborative result of contributors on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

What motorbike did Beckham use?

In addition to being a soccer legend, model, and UNICEF ambassador, David Beckham is a motorcycle enthusiast. His British Customs DBSC Motorcycle is a rugged, versatile bike that matches his persona.

Where can I watch into the unknown David Beckham?

Watch David Beckham Into The Unknown | Prime Video.

What bike does David Beckham ride in into the unknown?

This week has seen the first airing of “Beckham into the Unknown” – a 90 minute BBC documentary showing one of sport’s most iconic figures David Beckham riding deep into the Amazon rainforest on a custom Bonneville as he faces real life dangers and hundreds of miles of hard-core riding.

What bike did David Beckham ride in Amazon?

Triumph Bonnevilles
Built for an adventure deep into the Amazon jungle, yet slick and manoeuvrable enough to cope with Rio’s chaotic streets, the Triumph Bonnevilles featured in David Beckham’s BBC documentary are uniquely suited to purpose.

What motorcycles does Tom Cruise own?

This article explores some cool motorcycles that Tom Cruise owns and a few that he rode in his blockbuster movies, Mission Impossible and Top Gun.

  • 10 Owned: Confederate Hellcat.
  • 9 Ethan Hunt: BMW R nine T Scrambler.
  • 8 Owned: Ducati Desmosedici RR.
  • 7 Captain Maverick: Kawasaki GPZ900R.
  • 6 Owned: Triumph Bonneville Scrambler.

What helmet does Beckham wear?

David’s been seen around town wearing a helmet that doesn’t meet the EC safety standards, which means we don’t offer it, and we can’t recommend it. If Victoria finds out, by the way, she’s going to be livid. The closest approved helmet to the one he often wears is the Racer from Italian maker DMD.

Can Tom Cruise really ride a motorcycle?

Those who are familiar with Tom Cruise’s portfolio will know that he likes to perform his own stunts, particularly ultra-daring motorcycle stunts. Therefore, it’s not shocking at all to learn that he has an impeccable collection of personal motorcycles.

What boots does Beckham wear?

David Beckham last wore the adidas Predator LZ boot. The boot features five lethal zones, first touch, drive, dribble, pass and sweet spot. The boot is also worn by Steven Gerrard and Oscar.