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What are the 7 World Heritage sites?

What are the 7 World Heritage sites?

Below is our list of the best World Heritage Sites.

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru. Machu Picchu, Peru.
  2. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. Pyramids, Egypt.
  3. Bagan, Myanmar. Bagan, Myanmar.
  4. Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
  5. Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China.
  6. Roman Colosseum, Italy.
  7. Acropolis of Athens, Greece.
  8. Stonehenge, England.

What do you mean by Unesco world heritage site?

World Heritage site, any of various areas or objects inscribed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List. The sites are designated as having “outstanding universal value” under the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

What are the 8 World Heritage sites?

South Africa has eight World Heritage Sites proclaimed by UNESCO, namely:

  • Robben Island (Western Cape).
  • iSimangaliso Wetland Park (KwaZulu-Natal).
  • Cradle of Humankind (Gauteng).
  • Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park (KwaZulu-Natal).
  • Mapungubwe Heritage Site (Limpopo).
  • Cape Floral Kingdom (Western Cape).

What is the most visited Unesco heritage site?

Most Visited WHS

# World Heritage Site Visited By
1 Paris, Banks of the Seine 1193
2 Rome 1121
3 Tower of London 1110
4 Westminster 1109

What is the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site?

1 | Italy: 58 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Italy and China take the crown as the countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. As the birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, Italy has an abundance of culture: 53 of its 58 sites are cultural and 5 are natural.

What was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site?

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, Yellowstone National Park in the United States and the Island of Goree in Senegal were among the 12 sites named to the first list in 1978.

What is the benefit of World Heritage Site?

The first and foremost benefit is that the site gets immediate international recognition, which is a feather in the cap for already protected sites. It boosts tourism. It demonstrates social responsibility.

Is Eiffel Tower a World Heritage Site?

The Eiffel Tower has been on the list of historic monuments since 1964 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. It is the most visited fee-charging monument in the world and, since it opened in 1889, a whopping 250 million people have visited it.

What is the difference between a cultural and a natural heritage site?

In any country or state, all the nature- gifted things are considered as the parts of natural heritage. As a whole, natural heritage is the gift of nature whereas cultural heritage is associated with the man-made things and the things which were found during the different phases of human civilisation.

What is the oldest UNESCO World Heritage Site?

When UNESCO published its first list of protected places in 1978, there were just 12 World Heritage Sites. They were: The Galapagos Islands and Quito (both in Ecuador) Yellowstone National Park and Mesa Verde National Park (both in the US)

Which is the largest natural World Heritage Site?

Top 10 biggest natural World Heritage sites

Site Country
1. French Austral Lands and Seas France
2. Phoenix Islands Protected Area Kiribati
3. Papahānaumokuākea United States of America
4. Great Barrier Reef Australia

Which country has largest World Heritage sites?

Top 5 Countries with Highest Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • China. China has 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with The Great Wall of China as the most popular one.
  • Italy. With 55 UNESCO sites, Italy shares the first position with China in the list of countries with most sites.
  • Germany.
  • Spain.
  • France.