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Is Zulily a good place to buy from?

Is Zulily a good place to buy from?

Zulily has a lot of good deals for a wide range of needs, from kids clothes to beauty to shoes and men’s and women’s clothing. You need to expect the shipping of items to take longer than for other sites. This will require you to plan further ahead if you’re shopping for a special occasion.

Is Zulily a trustworthy company?

The answer to the question, “Is the Zulily app legit?” seems to be a resounding “yes.” The Zulily app review on Google Play is even more impressive. An astounding 26,664 reviews yield an average 4.5 out 5 star review. 70% of those engaging with the Zulily app give it a top score.

Is Zulily sizing accurate?

Also, I would recommend staying away from brands you are not familiar with because the sizing is not accurate and the quality is not good. In the long run, you/I actually lose money by shopping here because of the shipping charges to return items that are poor quality or that do not fit.

Is Zulily a Chinese company?

Zulily, LLC is an American e-commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that sells clothing, footwear, toys, and home products.

Is Zulily owned by Amazon?

QVC bought Zulily for $2.9 billion in 2015. Yurcisin joins Zulily after 13 years with Amazon, where he most recently served as vice president leading Amazon Fashion’s private brands business.

How is Zulily so cheap?

By buying in bulk and using its unique shipping process, Zulily helps to save you big bucks on all sorts of brand-name items. However, if you find an identical item available for less, Zulily offers price matching for Walmart and Amazon.

Why do Zulily orders take so long?

That’s because Zulily doesn’t order most of the products it offers in advance. Instead, it orders the items from vendors after the sales end. Other flash sales sites that are focused on selling clothes at a discount, experience faster shipping times because they do tend to keep items in stock.

Is Bellelily safe to order from?

Bellelily has a consumer rating of 3.48 stars from 1,401 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Bellelily most frequently mention good quality, online shopping and fast delivery. Bellelily ranks 104th among Women’s Clothing sites.

Is Zulily better than Amazon?

Zulily is also offering a price-matching promise for items that are higher-priced on its site compared to Amazon or Walmart. A report from Wakefield Research called “The Zulily Price Comparison Analysis” showed that Zulily offered lower prices than Amazon or Walmart on identical items 97 percent of the time.

Can I shop Zulily without signing up?

Membership is required to shop on Zulily because we offer great deals just for you. We launch new brands and products every day, all at just-for-Zulily prices. Although membership is required to browse and shop our amazing deals, signing up is fast, easy and completely free. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Can I browse Zulily without signing up?

Am I able to browse Zulily without signing up? Membership is required to shop on zulily because we offer great deals just for you. We launch new brands and products every day, all at just-for-zulily prices.

When my order will be delivered Zulily?

when it will be delivered to you. Items shipping from a Zulily warehouse in the US typically arrive 5-7 days after they leave the warehouse.