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Is the Iron Horse tunnel open?

Is the Iron Horse tunnel open?

Later, the State of Washington acquired the right-of-way for recreational use. Today the tunnel is part of the Iron Horse State Park rails-to-trails project. It is usually closed between November 1 through early May due to ice formations inside the tunnel.

How long is the Iron Horse tunnel?

2.3 miles
It’s prudent to remember that the tunnel is 2.3 miles long, so while the light may seem promising, the end of your hike is still a long ways off. The tunnel is wide and very tall so there’s plenty of room for all, as you go through this fascinating piece of Washington State history.

How do I get to Snoqualmie Tunnel?

The tunnel is a 1/4 mile walk from Iron Horse Trailhead at the Hyak parking lot. You’ll need your Discover Pass, or you can purchase a day use pass through an automated machine. There’s plenty of parking and restrooms here, so use them if needed.

Is Snoqualmie Tunnel open?

The Snoqualmie Tunnel is open for the 2021 season. Early season conditions may exist: Snow and Debris west of the tunnel.

How cold is it in the Snoqualmie Tunnel?

8-mile easy hike to the tunnel itself. If you park in the lot right outside of the tunnel, you can use the Discovery pass. If you park in the other lots, you must buy a national parks parking day pass for $5. Upon approach to the tunnel, you’ll feel a cool wind blowing from inside at about 50 degrees.

Is Franklin Falls open?

The Franklin Falls Dam area is now open. The majority of the disc golf course is open. The NEMBA trails remain CLOSED due to muddy conditions.

Is Beacon Rock Open Covid?

Beacon Rock State Park is a public marina with an accessible pumpout. The facility is open from May through October. Hours of operations are from dawn to dusk.

How long is Cascades Palouse trail?

The 5,794-acre, 250-mile Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail reflects State Parks’ long-term commitment to developing cross-state trails. It is part of an emerging multi-state trail system.

Is Franklin Falls an easy hike?

Franklin Falls Trail is a popular, easy hike that is only a few miles round trip and is easy to reach thanks to the paved road and the ample parking lot. It is a great hike for the whole family, so feel free to bring kids, even the little ones. The path is clearly marked and has plenty of stopping points.

Do you need a Discover Pass for Twin Falls?

Since Twin Falls is part of Olallie WA State Park, you need a Discovery Pass ($10/day or $30/year). The trail starts with a stroll along the rushing South Fork Snoqualmie River with many mossy trees, as expected of the PNW. You can even get a glimpse of Mount Si with the river.

Is Beacon Rock a volcano?

Beacon Rock itself is the core of an ancient volcano. The park includes 9,500 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River and more than 26 miles of roads and trails open to hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use.

Why is Beacon Rock trail closed?

During the ice age, icebergs and flowing waters slowly carved away the softer exterior rock, leaving Beacon Rock sticking straight out of the north banks of the Columbia River. The rest of the rock is closed to climbing, to protect nesting falcons.

Where do you meet for the Snoqualmie Tunnel bike ride?

We’ll meet at Rattlesnake Lake in the morning and catch a shuttle with our bikes up to Snoqualmie Pass. After biking through the historic 2-mile long tunnel, we’ll spend the next few hours biking along the Palouse to Cascade State Park Trail back to Rattlesnake Lake, ending with a post-ride lunch to celebrate your trip!

Is the Snoqualmie Tunnel part of the Palouse trail?

The Snoqualmie Tunnel is part of the 110-mile Palouse to Cascades Trail (formerly the John Wayne Trail). This section is in Iron Horse State Park and is a must do for everyone! Views for most of your trip will be determined by the power of your headlamp, but there will be some sights on the other side.

How old do you have to be to ride the Snoqualmie Tunnel?

After biking through the historic 2-mile long tunnel, we’ll spend the next few hours biking along the Palouse to Cascade State Park Trail back to Rattlesnake Lake, ending with a post-ride lunch to celebrate your trip! Age Restrictions: 12 years old and up ( see exemptions ).

Is there a bike ride through the tunnel?

The biking trip will take you through the tunnel and then along a 20-mile stretch of the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail (formerly known as the John Wayne Pioneer Trail), complete with sweeping views of the Cascades and a lunch back at Rattlesnake Lake. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.