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Is FOH a word?

Is FOH a word?

Foh is another spelling for faugh and is defined to express disgust. An example of foh is what someone would say if a drunk person vomited in front of them.

What is a word with DERM?

-derm- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “skin. ” This meaning is found in such words as: dermatitis, dermatology, dermis, hypodermic, pachyderm, taxidermy.

What are words that start with DERM?

10-letter words that start with derm

  • dermatitis.
  • dermatosis.
  • dermatogen.
  • dermatites.
  • dermatoses.
  • dermatomal.
  • dermatomes.
  • dermestids.

What words start with front?

9-letter words that start with front

  • frontline.
  • frontlist.
  • frontward.
  • frontenis.
  • frontally.
  • frontages.
  • frontlets.
  • frontless.

What is FOH short for?

Front of House Definition. FOH means Front of House, which refers to the public parts of bars and restaurants that guests interact with. Think the dining room, bar, cocktail area, patio, private dining rooms, waiting area, and coat check. This is opposed to the meaning of BOH, which is Back of House.

What’s FOH and BOH?

FOH and BOH are abbreviations that describe the two different parts of the restaurant. FOH stands for Front of the House, and includes everything guests see like the dining areas and bar. BOH stands for Back of the House and includes the kitchen, the line, manager’s offices and basically everything guests do not see.

Is derm a word root?

The root word for skin is derm. Its combining forms are derma-, dermat-, dermot-, ;and dermo- . Look at some medical terms utilizing this root.

What word has ism?


  • internationalism.
  • environmentalism.
  • electromagnetism.
  • anthropomorphism.
  • communitarianism.
  • institutionalism.
  • consequentialism.
  • ultranationalism.

What are some words that start with Hydra?

8-letter words that start with hydra

  • hydrated.
  • hydranth.
  • hydrants.
  • hydrases.
  • hydrates.
  • hydrator.
  • hydragog.
  • hydracid.

What is the full form of FOH?

What is the full form of Boh?

BoH Bank of Hawaii Business » Banking — and more…
BOH Best Of Highland Miscellaneous » Unclassified
BOH Back of House Miscellaneous » Food & Nutrition
BOH The IATA airport code of Bournemouth Airport Regional » Airport Codes
BOH Board of Health Governmental » State & Local — and more…