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How do you make fabric wrapped ornaments?

How do you make fabric wrapped ornaments?

How to Put it Together

  1. Carefully remove the metal hanger.
  2. Make sure to avoid adding Mod Podge and fabric to the neck or hanger area of the ornament.
  3. Paint the outside of the ornament with a thick layer of Mod Podge.
  4. Add first piece of fabric to the ornament. .
  5. Add next piece of fabric.

How do you make a patchwork Christmas star?


  1. Cut Out the Fabric. Cut out the diamond shape template then trace around four times on each fabric and cut out.
  2. Hand Stitch the Points Together.
  3. Ensure the Fabrics Match.
  4. Attach the Ribbon.
  5. Sew Around the Outside.
  6. Turn Inside Out then Press.
  7. Insert Wadding.
  8. Sew on the Centre Beads.

How to make your own Christmas star ornament?

If you want something to whip up quickly, we’ve got you covered – here are the folded fabric Christmas ornament, the sparkly Christmas tree ornament and of course the Christmas tree napkins – all three are really quick to make! Let me show you how to make your very own Christmas star ornament – step by step tutorial with VIDEO!

Where do you pin a fabric star on a quilt?

Pin the center of the fabric 1/2-inch down from the top of a first layer triangle, staying on the centerline of that triangle. Place three more middle fabric squares 1/2-inch down on the center lines of the first layer of triangles. The next four squares you’ll want to place at a diagonal to your other middle layer fabric squares.

How long does it take to make a quilted Christmas ornament?

Despite using the name “quilted,” nothing is actually quilted for this ornament. In fact, it’s a completely no-sew project ! This project takes about an hour to create your first ornament, but after the first, you’ll be able to make more in half the time.

How to make a kaleidoscope Star Christmas ornament?

To start the assembly, take one of the darker kites and place it on your work surface with long point facing up. Take one kite from the coordinating fabric and place it on top of the first piece with the unstitched edge aligned with the center of the first piece. Make sure the short tips on the bottom side align and pin.