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How do I prove my marriage is invalid?

How do I prove my marriage is invalid?

Proxy: Both spouses must be present at the time in which the marriage ceremony was performed. If one or both spouses were not physically present at the time, the marriage is invalid; and. Duress: Similar to fraud, a marriage may be invalid if one spouse proves that the other coerced them into the marriage.

How can I verify my marriage certificate in Nigeria?

The legal practitioner investigating must visit the place where the marriage certificate was issued and conduct a search on the marriage register kept there, upon that process the marriage certificate may be confirmed and certified as authentic by the issuing authority.

What is legal proof of marriage?

The best proof of a ceremonial marriage is the original marriage certificate. If you can not locate your original certificate, the following proofs are acceptable. A copy of a religious record of the marriage certified by the custodian of the record.

What makes statutory marriage valid in Nigeria?

By section 7 of the Marriage Act, statutory marriage is initiated by the giving of a notice of marriage by either party to the Registrar of Marriages where the marriage is intended to take place. The notice shall be in Form A and should be signed by the party giving the notice.

What happens if your marriage is not registered?

The absence of registration of marriage does not render the marriage illegal. A marriage without registration is perfectly legal. Since you are married for all legal and practical purposes you can dissolve the marriage only through a decree of divorce passed by the competent court.

What makes a marriage null and void?

Two of the most common underlying reasons for considering a marriage void are the illegal acts of “bigamy” and “incest”. A bigamous marriage exists when one of the spouses was legally married to someone else when the marriage took place. Either of the spouses lacked the mental capacity to consent to the marriage.

How much does marriage certificate cost in Nigeria?

Marriage is registered at a local public registry, which requires a Letter of Marriage Intention and payment of a fee of Naira 2,000. A person under 18 years of age, who wishes to register a marriage, is required to present a letter of consent from his or her parents.

Is church marriage certificate legal in Nigeria?

The Marriage Act and the Matrimonial Causes Act is modeled after the English law. The Nigerian law even recognizes some Churches as Statutory places of worship. This means couples married in such Churches are issued both Church Marriage Certificate and Statutory Marriage Certificate.

What documents can be used for proof of marriage?

Documents Used to Prove a Bona Fide Marriage

  • Deed to property showing both names.
  • Mortgage or loan documents showing both names.
  • Lease agreement showing both names.
  • Driver’s licenses or IDs showing the same address.
  • Bank statements showing the same address.
  • Voided or cancelled checks showing the same address.

What is proof of bona fide marriage?

Examples of documents to prove a bona fide marriage may include: Lease agreements or mortgages in both spouses’ names that shows you lived together and/or have leased or bought property together. Or provide rent receipts showing both spouses’ names. Copies of gas, electric, telephone, internet and other utility bills.

What are the 3 types of marriage in Nigeria?

These include the statutory marriage; customary marriage; church marriage; and Islamic marriage. However, it is a common practice in Nigeria that a single couple may conduct at least 3 types of marriage together.

What are the three types of marriage in Nigeria?

Nigerian law envisages 3 types of marriages namely; Traditional/Customary marriage; Church/Islamic marriage and Statutory marriage.

How to get a marriage valid in Nigeria?

In conclusion, an intending couple must always endeavour to take the right steps when it comes to contracting a marriage so as not to fall into the trap of entering into a void or voidable marriage. For a marriage to be valid under Nigerian law, it must be conducted in accordance with the due process of law.

Is there proof of irretrievable breakdown in Nigeria?

DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE AND THE PROOF OF IRRETRIEVABLE BREAKDOWN IN NIGERIA. When parties contract a statutory marriage and exchange their vows to live together till death do them part. One would think this oath guarantees and ensures that parties live together forever no matter the circumstances.

What are the different types of marriage in Nigeria?

The aim of this write-up is to give a brief overview of the marriage laws in Nigeria and the procedure for getting married in Nigeria Broadly speaking there are two types of marriages in Nigeria, which are Marriage under the Act, which is known as Statutory Marriage and there is also the Traditional/Customary marriage.

How many witnesses do you need for marriage in Nigeria?

Not all churches/mosques are licensed places for the celebration of marriages. It must be done with open doors. It must be done between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. There must be at least 2 witnesses besides the officiating minister.