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How do I email msnbc hosts?

How do I email msnbc hosts?

Send an email to the editor at MSNBC News. The 2 main emails are [email protected] and [email protected]. Write your comment in an email and send it through to one of these editors.

How old is Rachel Maddow?

48 years (April 1, 1973)
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Is Rachel Maddow married to Susan Mikula?

New Jersey, U.S. Susan Mikula (born March 7, 1958) is an American artist and photographer. Mikula is the longtime partner of political commentator Rachel Maddow.

Where was Rachel Maddow born?

Castro Valley, California, United States
Rachel Maddow/Place of birth

How do I contact NBC News by email?

We’d love to hear it! Send an email with your question or comment, and include your name, a short message and the best way for us to get in touch. For press inquiries please e-mail [email protected] or call 212-413-6142.

How do I contact msnbc morning joe?


How many viewers does the Rachel Maddow show have?

3.058 million viewers
In March 2018, The Rachel Maddow Show was America’s highest-rated cable news show, besting Fox News’ Hannity, with Variety stating that “Maddow averaged 3.058 million viewers for the month, narrowly topping Hannity’s 3.00 million.”

How old is msnbc joy?

52 years (December 8, 1968)
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Who are Rachel Maddow’s parents?

Elaine Maddow
Bob Maddow
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Who is Mikula girlfriend?

He also has two younger siblings, his brother’s name is Devron Mikula and his sister’s name is not known. Damaury Mikula’s marital status is unmarried. He is in a relationship with a fellow TikToker named Benet Tyson. He also has a daughter named Bella with the TikTok star Ll_destinny.

How do I contact the Today Show by email?

How do I contact the news station?


  1. 1 Saunders Street.
  2. Pyrmont, NSW 2009.
  3. GPO BOX 10, Sydney, NSW 2001.
  4. Ph: 02 9650 1010.
  5. Fax: 02 9650 1111.