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How do I download my BankID?

How do I download my BankID?

Install BankID security software

  1. Install the BankID security software and card reader driver. Download and install software for Windows.
  2. Log in to Handelsbanken online banking. Log in to online banking.

How can I add my BankID?

How to install the application (Windows Phone 8)

  1. Install the BankID säkerhetsapp from the Windows Phone Store.
  2. Start the BankID Security App, select Settings / Developer / Server and enter “”
  3. Save, exit the BankID Security App and launch again.

How do I get a mobile BankID?

How to get BankID on mobile. Check if your mobile phone and subscription support BankID on mobile and then log in to your web bank with regular BankID with code snippet or app. Enable BankID on mobile. It only takes a few minutes.

Why is my BankID not working?

The most common error is that your BankID has expired, or that something is wrong with the security app. The first step is to troubleshoot your BankID to see if it’s working properly. If your BankID has expired you need to issue a new one with your bank. Try again on in a different browser or on a different device.

How does BankID work in Sweden?

With BankID, the Swedes sign agreements, loan documents and their tax return. They identify themselves in order to be able to pay securely on the internet, log in with försäkringskassan or collect packages from the postal agent.

How do I add a bank ID to Handelsbanken?

Install the security program and driver

  1. Install the security program for BankID. Download the BankID application.
  2. Install driver for the card reader. You may need to restart your computer after the driver has been installed.
  3. Log in to Handelsbanken Online Banking. Log in to personal banking.

How do I activate my new bank mobile ID?

Log on to your online bank to activate BankID on mobile. To use BankID on mobile, you must already have a BankID agreement and code generator. You can only activate BankID on mobile at the same bank that provided your BankID.

How can I change my mobile banking ID?

You can change your mobile phone without anything happening to your BankID on mobile. BankID on mobile follows the SIM card, not the mobile phone. When you change SIM card, you must delete the BankID agreement on your mobile and re-enter into a new agreement.

How do I log into my BankID?

  1. Select BankID.
  2. Enter the national identity number, 11 digits.
  3. Enter the code from the code unit.
  4. Enter the password and log on.

Can I open a bank account in Sweden without Personnummer?

Whether or not you are an EU/EEA citizen, you are legally allowed to open a bank account in Sweden. Non-EU/EEA residents without a personnummer (Swedish tax number) will face some restrictions, but they should still have no problem at least opening and accessing a Swedish bank account.

Can foreigner open bank account in Sweden?

If you’re 18 or older, own an EU passport, and have a Swedish address, you are legally allowed to open a bank account in Sweden. Non-EU nationals will need a residence permit on top of that.

How do I login to my bank ID?

Select “BankID on Mobile”. A reference word will appear on the screen. Make sure the reference word on your phone is the same as the reference word on the screen, click “ACCEPT” on your phone. Enter your personal PIN (4-8 digits) on your phone to complete the login.