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How do I contact eScreen?

How do I contact eScreen?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, or contact eScreen Client Services at 800.881. 0722, option 5.

What does eScreen drug test for?

The lid’s test strips also detect and provide adulteration panels for pH, creatinine, and nitrites. When the eCup is placed into the eReader system, its test strips are digitally screened for the presence or absence of drugs of abuse.

How long does eScreen results take?

Non-DOT Drug Screen eScreen 7/9/10 Panel (results in 48-72 hours)

How can I get my Escreen results?

You’ll receive rapid drug test results for negative pre-employment drug screens via the Internet, on your desktop, within 15 minutes of test completion. You can be on the phone as soon as possible to make a job offer to your first-choice candidates.

How long does it take to find out if you passed a drug test?

It usually only takes a few days to receive results from a workplace drug test. An employer may even request a rapid test, which can provide results the same day. Employers receive negative test results within 24 hours. Non-negative results take more time because of the additional testing required.

How do you create an Escreen account?

Create User Account

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How do you create an eScreen account?

Is eScreen a TPA?

eScreen is a technology-enabled Third-Party Administrator (TPA) that provides next-generation employment screening applications for hiring and maintaining healthy and drug-free workforces.

Does Concentra test for fake pee?

No they don’t. I know someone who has had multiple drug/urine tests done at concentra. they always use synthetic urine and…

Can you retake a drug test if you fail?

No you cannot retake. If you fail a drug test you are not able to retake and will not be considered for employment with the company.

What do you need to know about eScreen Express?

Promote safety, health and wellbeing in your workplace by using one of the country’s largest networks of electronically-enabled service providers. The eScreen Express ® solution is a self-service, pay-as-you-go site for ordering drug screens, physical exams, and other occupational health services.

How to get in contact with eScreen services?

Contact Us To request general information about eScreen ® products and services please complete the form below. An eScreen representative will contact you regarding your submission. If your inquiry is urgent and requires immediate assistance, please call us at 800.881.0722:

How many service locations are there for eScreen?

We include more than 5,100 service locations equipped with the eScreen Drugs of Abuse Screening System (including our patented eCup® test device and eReader® rapid-screening drug-test technology).

Who are the sales reps for

To learn more about eScreen’s offerings—drug screening, laboratory-based employee drug screening, random drug test program management, physicals management, health services, and driver qualification (DQ) file management—contact one of our sales reps at 800.881.0722 or contact us here.