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Wireless Dog Fences Technologies

Do you own a dog? If yes, then you will need some kind of fence to avoid your dog to run away from your place. There are a lot of modern tools available to stop your dog from running away. Here, we are talking about a modern fence.

A pet fence or a fenceless boundary is an electronic system which is made in a way to keep your dog or any other domestic animal within a specific area without any use of a physical barrier. A soft electric shock is given if the dog ignores the warning. The system was initially developed in 1973 by Richard Peck.

What is wireless dog fence Technology?

Here, a pet wears a collar that gives a warning sound when it reaches the boundary. If the dog ignores the sound and tries to cross the desired boundary of the fence, then the pet receives a light electric shock from the collar. The shock can be given to the pet more often and at a high level if the pet goes near the boundary.

By implementing the above strategy, the pet will avoid going near the fence, building an effective virtual barrier. Even though known as ‘fences’, these fenceless boundary systems are more precise as compared to electronic pet containment systems. Also, these are inexpensive and good than physical fences. While an electric fence may not work well if the pet crosses the boundary with great force.

Types of fences

In some of the dog fences, there is a wire which emits a radio signal to initialize the receiver collar. Some other fences are wireless. Instead of using a radio signal, they emit a signal from the central unit and activate when the pet crosses the boundary.

Apart from this, another type of collar uses GPS signals in order to build proximity to a predetermined “virtual fence”, without any requirement of physical installation at all. This system enables some more flexibility, like a simpler inclusion of “islands” within the preserved area. Also, it allows you to change the boundary limit, despite the boundary is not as accurate because of GPS issues.

Underground fences: It is an electronic system which stops the pet from leaving the yard. Here, a wire is buried in the area to be used which is energized with coded signals. A shock collar on the pet receives all the signals. As soon as the pet reaches the buried fence line, the collar makes a warning sound and the pet gets a light electric shock. This fence is also known as a wireless dog fence.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Dog Fences


– The underground fences can be useful to secure driveways and open areas

– It is easy to set up and install a wireless fence

– Installation is absolutely free

– They are easily portable

– They can be paired up with the physical fences


– These fences don’t stop other animals to enter the house

– The dog which is under the restricted area might be in danger due to larger dogs or a person who is potentially there to harm pets

– These fences don’t work in all the weather conditions

– Not good for uneven terrains

– Some of the heavy objects such as trees, garage, etc. may interfere with the radio wave signals