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Who originally sings Drops of Jupiter?

Who originally sings Drops of Jupiter?

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Did Drops of Jupiter win a Grammy?

Train accept the GRAMMY for Best Rock Song at the 44th GRAMMY Awards on Feb.

Who are the composers of Drops of Jupiter?

Pat Monahan
Jimmy StaffordCharlie ColinRob HotchkissScott Underwood
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What movie plays Drops of Jupiter?

EXCLUSIVE: Neal McDonough (Captain America: The First Avenger, American Horror Story) has signed on to star in Dominic Scott Kay’s debut feature Drops of Jupiter.

What year did Drops of Jupiter come out?

March 27, 2001
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At the time, his mother was terminally ill—and her eventual passing is what inspired “Drops of Jupiter,” released on their album of the same name 20 years ago on March 27, 2001.

Is Drops of Jupiter a cover?

With Confidence have released their cover of Train’s ‘Drops Of Jupiter’, complete with a video. The cover is part of Hopeless Records’ Songs That Saved My Life project, with a second covers album just around the corner.

When did Drops of Jupiter come out?

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Where was Drops of Jupiter recorded?

That was Brendan O’Brien. We recorded that record in Atlanta, and we did not have “Drops of Jupiter.” I wasn’t a Pearl Jam fan, but there’s a song called “Better Man(opens in a new tab)” that was on the radio, so I asked if I could look into that producer, and it was Brendan O’Brien.

What year drops Jupiter?

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What is the meaning behind Drops of Jupiter?

Monahan wrote “Drops of Jupiter” soon after his mom had passed away following a battle with cancer. In the song, he imagines that after dying his mom’s spirit could go anywhere, and so a person would be likely to go explore the universe. Thus, his mother returned to visit him with “drops of Jupiter” in her hair.

Who is lead singer for Train?

Pat Monahan
Pat Monahan, Grammy-Winning, Multi-Platinum-Selling Lead Singer of ‘Train’ to Make Broadway Debut in Rocktopia – Rocktopia – On Tour This Spring!

What genre is Drops of Jupiter?

Pop rock
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What was the review of drops of Jupiter?

Another mixed review appeared in Billboard, which wrote that “The music fails to gain any momentum until track seven, and by then, Train’s lucky the listener’s still spinning the CD…Let’s hope that if Train’s given the chance to make a third album, it’ll finally fill it with clearly discernable songs.”

Who is the singer of drops of Jupiter?

Who wrote “Drops of Jupiter”? It was written by Train’s lead singer, Patrick Monahan and produced by Brendan O’Brien.

When is the 20th anniversary of drops of Jupiter?

A 20th Anniversary Edition was released on March 26, 2021 to commemorate the album’s twentieth year of release. E! Online The album received mixed reviews. AllMusic writer Mark Morgenstein said that “There is nothing cutting edge about Train’s Sophomore Effort”.

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