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When was Trevi Fountain restored?

When was Trevi Fountain restored?

November 3, 2015
A picture shows the restored Trevi fountain during its inauguration on November 3, 2015 in central Rome. During the renovation, water was drained from the fountain’s basin; however to keep the tradition going, a small basin was set up at the rim of the fountain, so coins could still be thrown.

Is the Trevi Fountain being renovated?

The water in Rome’s famous Trevi fountain has started flowing again after the attraction was reopened following a major restoration. The work done on the famous water feature was funded by Italian fashion house Fendi, which contributed €2m (£1.42m). James Reynolds reports from Rome.

How was the Trevi fountain restored?

Funded by the luxury fashion house Fendi, the local company agreed to pay for the crumbling fountain’s crucial maintenance in exchange for the right to affix a branded plaque next to the tourist magnet for four years. During restoration the fountain was obscured by scaffolding, and only accessible by a walkway.

What time is the Trevi Fountain clean?

This historic site is very crowded between the hours of 12 pm – 7 pm, so you might try to visit either before or after that time period. Visitors indicate that the fountain is usually cleaned early on weekday mornings at sometime between the hours of 6 am – 10 am.

What is the most famous fountain in Rome?

the Trevi Fountain
One of the most famous fountains in the world, the Trevi Fountain in Rome is an unmissable sight when visiting the romantic city.

How much money is thrown into Rome’s Trevi Fountain every day?

An estimated 3,000 euros are thrown into the fountain each day. In 2016, an estimated €1.4 million (US$1.5 million) was thrown into the fountain. The money has been used to subsidize a supermarket for Rome’s needy; however, there are regular attempts to steal coins from the fountain, even though it is illegal to do so.

How much does it cost to visit Trevi Fountain?

Located in Corso and Spagna, the Trevi Fountain sits off the Barberini metro stop. It is free to visit 24/7.

What building is the Trevi Fountain in front of?

The Palazzo Poli
The Palazzo Poli is a palace in Rome, Italy, forming the backdrop to the famous Trevi Fountain. Luigi Vanvitelli gave it a monumental facade as a setting for the fountain. It was there that Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya threw her lavish parties in the 1830s.

Who gets the money from the Trevi Fountain?

That is great news because all of the Trevi Fountain coins are actually destined for charity. The coins are gathered (or even vacuumed up), weighed, and cleaned. Then they are handed over to Caritas, a Catholic charity that is headquartered in Rome.

Is the Trevi Fountain lit up at night?

my favourite time to see the Trevi Fountain is a night when it is all lit up. A recommend visiting a couple of times during your trip as it looks different each time! At night is definitely less crowded and looks beautiful in person; however, pictures are more clear during the day.

What is the most famous fountain?

Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain | Rome, Italy The Trevi Fountain in Rome is probably the most famous water fountain in the world. It was completed in 1762, 30 years after Nicola Salvi first began work on it.

How often is the Trevi Fountain emptied?

three times a week
Somewhere around €8000 is collected three times a week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am – 9am when the fountain is closed to the public for cleaning and coin removal) from the Trevi Fountain (about $1.26 million annually) and distributes it among the needy.