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What oil does a KLR 650 take?

What oil does a KLR 650 take?

10W40 oil
Fill the engine with oil. NOTE: The KLR650 takes 2.6 quarts of 10W40 oil.

How often should you change the oil on a KLR 650?

Kawasaki recommends an initial oil change after the motorcycle’s first 500 miles, followed by subsequent oil changes every 6,000 miles. However, extreme weather conditions or off-road racing may call for an oil change sooner than the recommended mileage interval. The procedure is the same for all KLR 650 models.

How do you check the oil on a KLR 650?

Checking the oil level on the KLR 650 couldn’t be easier. Place it in gear so it won’t roll, even if it is on level ground as it should be, stand to the right side of the motorcycle and then balance it so that you are hardly having to hold the throttle grip. Have a look at the sight glass, and voila!

What does KLR 650 stand for?

What is a doohickey KLR650? The “doohickey” is the KLR650 community’s term for the “Balancer Chain Adjuster Lever”. This lever has an adjuster bolt (that goes through it) and when loosened, allows the spring that is attached to the lever to remove the slack in the balancer chain.

What is doohickey for klr650?

Both generations of the Kawasaki KLR 650 have had a serious issue with the counter-balancing chain adjustment mechanism, or as most call it, a “doohickey”. Basically the doohickey tensions the counter-balancing chain and this helps neutralize engine shake and vibration, which makes for a smoother running engine.

How much gas does a KLR 650 hold?

The KLR650 stock tank capacity is advertised as 6.1 gal, and there is . 77 of reserve fuel.

How fast will a KLR650 go?

95 mph
Top Speed: 95 mph (Est.)

What is the top speed of a KLR650?

Did Kawasaki fix the doohickey?

A certain portion of KLR Nation (you know who you are) should warm up their “back in my day” stories, as Kawi also seems to have fixed The Doohickey; the cam chain guide is said to be stronger, made from new materials, and with a new shape. At its core, however, the KLR is still a no-frills adventurer.