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What is the price of AGS battery in Pakistan?

What is the price of AGS battery in Pakistan?

We are official distributors of AGS GL-85 12V Light Battery in Pakistan…..AGS battery dealers in Karachi Lahore Islamabad.

Product Name Price
AGS GR-46 12V Light Battery Rs. 5,210/-
AGS GR-65 12V Light Battery Rs. 7,510/-
AGS GL-100 12V Medium Battery Rs. 11,010/-
AGS GR-100 12V Medium Battery Rs. 11,010/-

Which battery is best for UPS?

Battery types for UPS systems Types of UPS batteries include VRLA or sealed batteries and wet or flooded-cell batteries. These batteries are the best types for ensuring uninterruptible power because they require minimum maintenance, provide long-term protection for up to 20 years or cost less.

What is the price of battery in Pakistan?

We are official distributors of AGS GL-190 12V Heavy Battery in Pakistan…..Solar Batteries.

Product Name Price
Ags Solar Battery Rs. 35,000/-
Exide Solar Battery Rs. 7,160/-
Phoenix TX1000 Tubular Solar Battery Rs. 16,000/-
Inverex Tubular Battery Rs. 26,500/-

Which battery brand is best in Pakistan?

Top 10 battery brands of Pakistan

  • Daewoo Battery.
  • Exide Battery.
  • Homage Battery.
  • Bridge Power Battery.
  • Phoenix Battery.
  • Tubular Battery.
  • Dry Battery.
  • Fujika Battery.

Which battery is best?


  • Exide Inverter Plus Battery.
  • Atom Battery by Loom Solar.
  • Luminous ILTT 18048 Battery.
  • Exide 150ah Tubular Battery.
  • Luminous Inverlast Battery 150ah/12v.
  • Microtek TT 2450 Battery.
  • Amaron Inverter Battery.
  • Exide 150Ah New Insta Brite.

What is the price of AGS battery?

AGS Battery – Price Summary

Model Price
AGS 195G51F 12V Heavy Battery Rs. 24,420
AGS 80D26R 12V Light Battery Rs. 7,830
AGS CGR30 12V Light Battery Rs. 42,000
AGS CNG60 12V Light Battery Rs. 7,060

What are the most powerful batteries?

The Saft Ni-Cd battery comprises 4 strings of 3,440 high- rate cells, each rated at 920Ah. Operating up to 5,230V on high-rate charge, not only is this the world’s most powerful battery, it is also by far the world’s highest voltage battery.

Which is best UPS for home use?

Microtek UPS EB 1700 (24V) Inverter Specifications

Best Inverters for home use Price*
Luminous Cruze 2KVA/24V UPS Pure Sine Wave Inverter INR 12,200
Luminous Eco Watt +1050 Square Wave Inverter INR 4,800
Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter INR 7,000
Microtek UPS EB 900 (12V) Inverter for Home INR 4,049

What is battery price?

Top Selling Batteries Price List in India

Latest Batteries Models Expected Price
Luminous 150 Ah Red charge 18000 Tubular Battery ₹10516
Pulstron 12V 200Ah Long Life Jumbo Tubular Inverter Battery JT-200PI ₹11739
Pulstron 12V Heavy Duty Tubular Dry Inverter Battery XL-150PI ₹8403
Pulstron 12V 40Ah Car Battery NS-40ZP (Dry) ₹2499

Which UPS is best in Pakistan?

Top 5 Best UPS Inverter Price in Pakistan – 2021

  1. Homage HVS-1214-SCC UPS Inverter – Rs. 24,000.
  2. Hyundai HIS-2200 UPS Inverter – Rs. 26,000.
  3. EcoStar E-2440i UPS Inverter – Rs. 20,499.
  4. Inverex Aerox 1.2KW Solar UPS Inverter – Rs. 29,000.
  5. Crown Micro CMU-1200-M UPS Inverter – Rs. 20,000.

What is the price of Exide battery?

Exide Battery

Best Exide Battery Models Price
Exide 150AH New InstaBrite Battery ₹9,500
Exide IMTT1500 150AH Battery ₹13,876
Exide Inva Tubular IT500 Battery ₹15,600
Exide 1050VA Sine Wave Inverter With Invamaster IMTT-1500 150AH Tubular Battery ₹18,890