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What is the Friedman be 100 based on?

What is the Friedman be 100 based on?

Friedman BE-100 Deluxe Tube Amplifier Head Features: Clean channel based on Smallbox amplifier. Dirty channel based on BE and HBE drive channels, with independent gain and master volume controls. Fat switches beef up single-coil pickups.

Who is Dave Friedman?

Dave Friedman is the man behind the signature tones of rock icons Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell. Dave has been building, modding and repairing amplifiers for many of the world’s biggest stars for the past 25 years.

Are Friedman amps good?

Often called ‘the best amplifiers’ in the online guitar world, Friedman amps have an excellent build quality, high and low inputs, awesome loop and master, and are fun to play, requiring minimal tweaking. They are expensive, though, and you won’t often find them available second-hand.

Are Friedman amps Handwired?

Single Channel – 20 Watts – Handwired; Many people don’t believe a 20-watt amp can deliver the tight bottom end and midrange that a 100-watt amp can produce. Friedman designed this amp to sound like a 100-watt monster, utilizing custom transformers and the cleanest possible signal path.

What does HBE stand for Friedman?

The HBE mode (Hairy Brown Eye, don’t ask …) switches to an alternate voicing with a preamp triode gain boost. Single input, EL34 tubes, 100 watts. At NAMM 2016 it was announced that the tone will become available in a pedal too.

What does the C45 switch do?

The C45 switch removes the smoothing/gain C45 modification. The SAT modification comes with switch for switching the clipping circuit (diode/solid state) in and out. The FAT modification comes with switch for switching a resonance circuit in and out.

Does Dave Friedman play guitar?

An avid guitarist and gear nut during his high school years in Detroit, Friedman headed out to California shortly after graduating at the age of 18. He got stuck right in, finding his feet in the LA rock industry and quickly gaining the trust – and the business – of a veritable who’s who of star guitarists.

Does Marty Friedman use Friedman amps?

Among the many items featured in the Shop are several Crate amplifier and amplifier half stacks that Friedman used on every Megadeth tour and recording from 1993-1999. “These are the amps responsible for my sounds back then,” Friedman said.

Do any Friedman amps have reverb?

You don’t have any reverb so I can’t compare it to the “Fender Tone” other than to say I’m sure you could go toe to toe if the Fender had no reverb. These have tons upon tons of volume for a 20 watt amp.

What tube does Friedman use?


  • 20-Watt all tube Head.
  • Two channels.
  • 2 x EL84 power tubes.
  • 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes.
  • JBE voicing switch for a higher gain more saturated sound.
  • Clean channel: single volume knob with bright switch.
  • Dirty channel: gain, master, treble, middle, and bass.
  • Global presence knob.

Are Friedman amps PCB?

aryasridhar Well-Known Member. That is not a PCB, it is a turret board, with silk screening on top. That’s about it. However, even PCB’s in general are very reliable and are important to build a consistent product.

Is the Dirty Shirley mini hand-wired?

Friedman Amps Hand-Wired Mini Dirty Shirley Amplifier Head & 1×12 Cabinet.