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What is the difference between SSOP and Tssop?

What is the difference between SSOP and Tssop?

SSOP package having leads in two side of periphery and having lead pitch less than 1.0mm, said package named Shrink Small Outline Package. TSSOP package having an encapsulant width less than 300mils covering entire package, having total height less than 1.2mm, said package named Thin Shrink Small Outline Package.

What Tssop 16?

A thin small-outline package (TSOP) is a rectangular, thin-bodied component. The ICs on DRAM memory modules were usually TSOPs until they were replaced by ball grid array (BGA).

What does Tssop stand for?

Thin-shrink small outline package
Thin-shrink small outline package (TSSOP)

What is SOIC packaging?

The SOIC is a surface mount integrated circuit package. The standard form is a flat rectangular body, with leads extending from two sides. The leads are formed in a gull wing shape to allow solid footing during assembly to a PCB. The pad can be soldered to the PCB to dissipate heat.

What is so 16 package?

Download package data for CAD tool, such as 3D model data in STEP format and reference land pattern data designed following JEITA ET-7501 Level3….SO16.

Mounting Surface Mount
Package Dimensions (mm) / Land pattern dimensions for reference only (mm)
Packing Method Embossed Tape
Packing Name TP
Minimum Quantity 2000 pcs/Reel

What is SOP chip?

This can be called horizontal or two-dimensional (2-D) integration of IC blocks in a single-chip toward end-product systems. There is a new emerging concept called system-on-package (SOP). With SOP, the package, not the board, is the system.

What is a sop chip?

There is a new emerging concept called system-on-package (SOP). With SOP, the package, not the board, is the system. It does this by having global wiring as well as RF, digital, and optical component integration in the package, not in the chip.

What are the different types of IC packages?

  • Through-hole packages.
  • Surface mount.
  • Chip carrier.
  • Pin grid arrays.
  • Flat packages.
  • Small outline packages.
  • Chip-scale packages.
  • Ball grid array.

What is a SOP chip?

What is the difference between SOP and SSOP?

Specific to food manufacturing plants, the term SOP is commonly applied to production, manufacturing and support area processes, jobs or activities. For all sanitation-related processes, jobs or activities, the term SSOP (Sanitation SOP) is reserved.

What is SOP and SiP?

System-in-Package (SiP) or System-on-Package (SoP) concept has been proposed for over ten years. SOP is a highly miniaturized system technology combining computing, communication, consumer, and bio-electronic functions in a single package or module.