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What is slanted palpebral fissure?

What is slanted palpebral fissure?

The slant, or inclination, of the palpebral fissure is defined as the angle formed by two lines: an imaginary line that connects the lateral canthus and the medial canthus of each eye, and an imaginary horizontal line formed by the two medial canthi when the patient holds their head with the facial midline vertical.

What cranial nerve controls palpebral fissure?

Touching the medial canthus of the palpebral fissure stimulates the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve which runs into the skull through the orbital fissure and once inside the brainstem triggers a motor response via the facial nerve. This results in contraction of the orbicularis oculi closing the eyelids.

What is palpebral fissure height?

Anatomical terminology The palpebral fissure is the elliptic space between the medial and lateral canthi of the two open eyelids. In simple terms, it is the opening between the eyelids. In adult humans, this measures about 10 mm vertically and 30 mm horizontally.

What do downward slanted eyes mean?

Slanting and a fold of skin (epicanthal fold) are normal in people of Asian descent. Abnormal slanting of the eye may occur with some genetic disorders and syndromes. The most common of these is Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome often also have an epicanthal fold in the inner corner of the eye.

How is palpebral fissure measured?

With a clear flexible ruler held in the horizontal plane, measure the length of each ex-en interval immediately below the eye, being careful not to touch the eye or eyelashes. Plot the result on an appropriate nomogram chart to determine the percentile or standard deviation for each eye.

What is the opening between the eyelids called?

The eyelids are split into upper and lower portions, which meet at the medial and lateral canthi of the eye. The opening between the two eyelids is called the palpebral aperture or opening.

What nerve opens eyelids?

oculomotor nerve
The oculomotor nerve (CNIII) innervates the main upper eyelid retractor, the levator palpebrae superiorus, via its superior branch.

What causes fissures in your eyes?

Documented causes of superior orbital fissure syndrome include tumours, haemorrhage, infection, or trauma. Superior orbital fissure syndrome is rarely associated with trauma; when it is, it is usually in association with fractures involving the facial skeleton.

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How is PFL calculated?

Sliding Digital Caliper Measure of PFL. 28.02 mm. To obtain an accurate measure, the calipers were held by the individual in the photo, and placed directly on the corners of the eye.