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What is Podi land?

What is Podi land?

1) What is Podi ? Podi Extracts is a document of bifurcation of land with old and new survey number, among the joint owners. It indicates the bifurcation made on a survey number into sub-survey numbers. For Ex:- you have land and want to partition it to your two sons equally.

How do you write Podi in Urdu?

Podi meaning in Urdu is Kisi imarat ka buland muqam. Similar words of Podi are also commonly used in daily talk like as Podiatry, Podiatrist, Chiro Podist and Podite. Pronunciation of Podi in roman Urdu is “Kisi imarat ka buland muqam” and Translation of Podi in Urdu writing script is کسی عمارت کا بُلَند مَقام.

What is the meaning of Lun in Urdu?

Lun Meaning in English to Urdu is ایل-یُو-اینمُخفّف “logical unit number”, as written in Urdu and , as written in Roman Urdu.

How can I get land Podi in Karnataka?

How can I get land Podi in Karnataka?

  1. The applicant has to visit Land & Land Reform department Office for Subdividing land.
  2. Apply using plain paper, specify mode of acquisition of land with a draft proposal for sub division, then affix a Court-fee stamp as advised by authorities on the form.

What is Podi made of?

A typical Tamil podi requires chana dal, urad dal, peanuts, and some kopra (dried coconut), a little bit of sugar, curry leaves, tamarind, dried red chillies, and a pinch of asafoetida. All the ingredients are dry roasted (some might add a bit of oil), and powdered together.

What is Akarbandh?

Akaraband: is a Revenue Document which is issued by the Survey Department of the Particular Village. A very useful Revenue Record in Karnataka especially while scrutinizing the title of an Agricultural land. Akaraband Extract is a Document which is issued by the Taluk Office.

What is arrowroot called in Pakistan?

Definitions of Arrowroot Its root yields arrowroot starch. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Arrowroot in Urdu is بیماری کے لئے ایک ہلکی غذا, and in roman we write it Bemari Kay Liye Aik Halki Ghiza.

What is English of chai ki Patti?

The Correct Meaning of Chaye Ki Patti in English is Tea.

What is LUN size?

On open volumes with 520 byte blocks, you can select one of the supported LUN sizes that are used on IBM® i processors to create a LUN. The operating system uses 8 of the bytes in each block. This leaves 512 bytes per block for your data. Variable volume sizes are also supported.

What does Lora mean in Spanish?

feminine noun. Latin America) (Ornithology) (female) parrot.

What is Podi in property?

To say in Simple words, PODI of Agricultural Land means Division of Survey Numbers into Various Sub divisions. It is done by Survey Department Officials. Presently in Karnataka, it is Mandatory, to get Land Podi done before buying or Selling of any Agricultural Land.

What is podi?

Idli are steamed lentil cakes and podi is a spice powder. Podi idli is made by tossing steamed lentil cakes in spiced lentil powder and ghee.