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What does Elliot say in German Scrubs?

What does Elliot say in German Scrubs?

The two sentences that Elliot says to prove that she actually speaks German mean: The milkmaid: “Good morning, do you want to milk the cows?”

Who is Elliot Reid based on?

Elliot Reid, M.D. is a fictional character played by Sarah Chalke in the American comedy-drama Scrubs. She appeared in every episode during the first eight seasons except two Season 8 episodes, “My Last Words” and “My Lawyer’s in Love.”

Do Elliot and JD get together Scrubs?

While J.D. and Elliot had an on-and-off romance throughout the series, it is not until the conclusion of Season 6 that they appear ready to get back together. In Season 9, it is revealed that J.D. and Elliot are in fact married and expecting a child.

Why did Elliot lose her fellowship Scrubs?

Later, Elliot loses her fellowship when her Director announces that Charlie found a cure for the OI disease and no longer needs her. Elliot is embarrassed when her co-workers start teasing her after Carla gossips to the nurses about an embarrassing experience.

Does Elliot from Scrubs speak German?

This was incorporated into her Scrubs character, Elliot Reid, who spoke German and French at the same levels.

Does Kim have JD’s baby?

Sam Perry Gilligan “Sammy” Dorian is the son of John Dorian and Kim Briggs. He was conceived on J.D. and Kim’s first date even though they didn’t have sex. After temporarily moving away, Kim moved back to Sacred Heart to give birth. Sammy was named after his late grandfather, and J.D.’s late father Sam Dorian.

How does Elliot get her job Scrubs?

She finds the job insufferable, and it gets worse when J.D. and Turk find out. The boys and Carla try to help her out, but not wanting to be in her friends’ debt, Elliot refuses. She continues to work at the free clinic until Kelso comes in with an STD. Not wanting his wife to find out, he gives Elliot her job back.

Is Sarah Chalke married?

Jamie Afifi
Sarah Chalke/Partner

Is Sarah married? Sarah got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jamie Afifi back in 2006, and they share two children together: 11-year-old son, Charlie, and 4-year-old daughter, Frankie.

How many episodes of Scrubs did Elliot appear in?

She appears in 170 of Scrubs’ 181 episodes, and was a main character for the first eight seasons. Elliot first appeared in the pilot episode “My First Day” and last appeared in “Our Stuff Gets Real” as pregnant with J.D.’s daughter.

Why is Elliot in private practice in Scrubs?

Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are upset that she is in private practice, but she stands by her decision (“My House”). She continued working out of Sacred Heart, and, even though she was in private practice, she led rounds and mentored interns. When New Sacred Heart opened, Elliot made the switch (“Our First Day of School”).

Who are Elliot Reid’s Brothers in Scrubs?

Elliot has 4 brothers who are all doctors, but only 2 are known: Barry who is gay, and Bradley. She also has a Great Aunt Sally and a Great Uncle, whom J.D. has met. She has a Great Aunt Lillian.

How did Christopher Turk and Elliot Reid become friends?

Christopher Turk and Elliot grew out of mutual friends into a full-blown friendship. Turk’s relationships with J.D. and Carla meant that he was usually present when Elliot was conversing with either of them. They share secret handshakes, dances, and other traditions with each other (“My Heavy Meddle”).