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Is Kia Sorento fuel efficient?

Is Kia Sorento fuel efficient?

The Sorento with the base 2.5-liter four-cylinder is estimated to earn up to 24 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. The more powerful turbocharged 2.5-liter four is rated up to 22 mpg city and 29 highway. The hybrid Sorento is the most fuel efficient with estimates of 39 mpg city and 35 highway.

How many gallons does a 2005 Kia Sorento have?

21.1 gallons
Compare Side-by-Side

2005 Kia Sorento 4WD
Annual Fuel Cost* $3,150
Cost to Drive 25 Miles $5.28
Cost to Fill the Tank $67
Tank Size 21.1 gallons

How far can a Kia Sorento go on a full tank of gas?

approximately 545 miles
Fuel Efficiency Its 18.8-gallon fuel tank gives it a maximum driving range of approximately 545 miles.

What is good fuel efficiency MPG?

Best Fuel-Efficient SUVs, Trucks, and Vans Don’t expect to attain higher than 20 mpg overall with a non-hybrid, and most offer less than 30 mpg on the highway. The best fuel-efficient non-electric vehicles get the following EPA-estimated combined numbers: Small SUV: Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD gets 40 mpg.

What goes wrong with Kia Sorento?

The problem most reported with Kia Sorentos is a highly troubling one. Many customers have complained about complete engine failure while driving, putting them and their passengers in precarious situations. Your check engine light is another indication that your engine could shut down soon.

What kind of oil does a 2005 Kia Sorento take?

The kind of oil the 2005 Kia Sorento uses iS5W-30. Your oil needs to be replaced eventually. Every 5,000 to 10,000 miles is a good rule of thumb.

How many miles can Kia Sorento go on Empty?

Average Kia fuel range on empty

Kia Sorento 35.65 miles
Kia Sedona 39.70 miles
Kia Soul 43 miles
Kia Forte 32.08 miles
Kia Optima 34.89 miles

Does cruise control save gas?

Generally speaking, yes. Cruise control can help you become more fuel-efficient and can help you save an average of 7-14% on gas thanks to its ability to maintain a continuous speed. In comparison, the constant change in acceleration and deceleration of the driver placing their foot over the pedals can eat more gas.

Is 22 MPG city good?

The average is 22 mpg on the highway. For city gas mileage, few break the 20 mile per gallon mark. There are some SUVs that have better gas mileage. The Honda Odyssey has the best highway gas mileage of the minivans, but it still can’t get 20 miles per gallon in the city.

Is 30 miles per gallon good?

A normal petrol engine just has trusty old gasoline and no fancy electric motors. While the Prius gets around 60 mpg, something that gets at least 30 mpg might classify as good. Here are some cars that get at least 30 mpg from the last few years: 2014 BMW 328i (35 mpg highway, $21,000)