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How much weight did Tiffani Thiessen lose?

How much weight did Tiffani Thiessen lose?

“White Collar” and “Saved by the Bell” star Tiffani Thiessen has lost some serious weight since giving birth to daughter Harper! Unlike some crazy supermodel moms, Thiessen still looked like someone who recently had a baby three months after giving birth (left) — but since then, she’s dropped 45 pounds (right)!

Does Tiffani Thiessen work out?

She trains a minimum of five days per week. Her workouts never exceed 45 minutes. If she has an incredibly busy week or is traveling, she lets me know and I bring her workouts down to 25 minutes or even 15. Tiffani is a great client because she works extremely hard and enjoys it.

What kind of workout does Tiffany Thiessen do?

This allowed Tiffany to burn about 700 calories during the course of the 40 minute workout, while targeting the muscles of her gluten, thigh, waist and arms. Tiffany did this workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during her lunch breaks on the set.

How old is Tiffany Thiessen from white collar?

It’s hard to believe that Tiffany Thiessen is in her 40’s. The mother of two has retained the curvaceous body and looks that we remember from her Beverly Hills 90210 days – and that was back in the 90’s. How Does Tiffany do it? The White Collar star pinpoints 2010 as the time that she learnt to really get control over her body.

How did Tiffany Thiessen lose all her pregnancy weight?

The combination of Sunday Set Up, clean eating, Skype based workouts and twice weekly runs have paid bog dividends for Tiffany. Not only has she managed to lose all of her pregnancy weight two times around, she has been able to maintain the body of a teenager as she moves into her 40’s.

What did Tiffany Thiessen put in her pantry?

The following staples soon found their way into her pantry: black pepper; brown sugar; cayenne pepper; curry powder; dark molasses; dried basil, oregano and thyme; flour; lowfat mayo; olive oil; parchment paper; sea salt; sugar; vegetable oil cooking spray; white wine vinegar; white cooking wine.