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How many NatHERS climate zones are there?

How many NatHERS climate zones are there?

69 NatHERS climate zones
Currently there are 69 NatHERS climate zones. A colour display of Climate Zones is available in the NatHERS interactive Climate Zone Map.

What is a good NatHERS rating?

NatHERS remains the most popular pathway to demonstrate compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC) energy efficiency requirements. Around 94 per cent of building approvals in 2020-2021 were assessed via the Scheme. A star rating of 6 or above is required in most parts of Australia for detached homes.

What climate zone is WA?

Zone 1: northern Australia from Exmouth in WA across to midway between Townsville and Mackay in Queensland.

What climate zone is Perth?

The mediterranean zone includes much of southern coastal Australia from Melbourne, Adelaide through to Perth. It is shares many of the features of the Warm Temperate Zone, except for rainfall which is predominantly in winter with a low summer rainfall.

Where is Climate Zone 6?

Climate Zone 6 includes the beaches at the foot of the southern California hills, as well as several miles of inland area where hills are low or nonexistent. The Pacific Ocean is relatively warm in these longitudes and keeps the climate very mild. Most of the rain falls during the warm, mild winters.

What is a 6 Star home?

What is a 6-star energy rating? An energy rating reflects how much artificial heating and cooling is needed to keep the inside temperature of your home within a comfortable range. A 6-star rating achieves a higher level of thermal energy efficiency than a 5-star rated house.

What is a 7-star house?

7-star NatHERS means the NatHERS 7-star energy-efficiency rating for constructing a new home under the NCC. ABV means as-built verification. NatHERS means the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme which is a star rating system (out of 10) that rates the energy efficiency of a home, based on its design.

What are the 5 main climate zones?

There are approximately five main climate types on Earth:

  • Tropical.
  • Dry.
  • Temperate.
  • Continental.
  • Polar.

What are the 6 climate zones?

What are the 6 major climate regions? There are six main climate regions: tropical rainy, dry, temperate marine, temperate continental, polar, and highlands.

What are the 7 climate zones?

Climate Zones

  • A – Tropical Climates. Tropical moist climates extend north and south from the equator to about 15° to 25° latitude.
  • B – Dry Climates.
  • C – Moist Subtropical Mid-Latitude Climates.
  • D – Moist Continental Mid-Latitude Climates.
  • E – Polar Climates.
  • H – Highlands.

Where can I find the NatHERS climate zones?

In addition to the interactive map, the NatHERS Climate Zones Postcodes spreadsheet aligns with the climate zones displayed in the NatHERS Accredited Software tools. Climate data are included in NatHERS Accredited Software.

What do I need to use NatHERS in Western Australia?

Western Australian has some specific guidelines to select the climate zone within the NatHERS software. The WA NatHERS Alternative Climate Zone Spreadsheet must be used to complement the national climate zone map. In Western Australia, the use of accredited assessors is only encouraged (appendix 1).

Where are the climate zones located in Australia?

Text description of the climate zones. A map of Australia shows eight climate zones as follows: Zone 1: northern Australia from Exmouth in WA across to midway between Townsville and Mackay in Queensland. Zone 2: Coastal Queensland from midway between Townsville and Mackay south to just below Coffs Harbour. Zone 3: northern central Australia

How does the NatHERS reference meteorological year ( RMY ) work?

NatHERS Reference Meteorological Year (RMY) climate files are compiled from Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) raw climate data and are used to simulate a typical year for every NatHERS climate zone in Australia. The files may be provided for research purposes only by the NatHERS Administrator on request.