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How do you reunite Felsi and Oghren?

How do you reunite Felsi and Oghren?

Acquisition. Oghren will automatically talk to the Warden about Felsi, if his approval rating is above 30. Agreeing to help him find her will begin the quest. Alternatively, speak to Felsi in the Spoiled Princess after finishing A Paragon of Her Kind (not recommended if you want them to end up together).

Does Oghren survive the joining?

However, with a fully upgraded Keep, the epilogue says he survived. Oghren’s “Asschabs” was added as a joke between the writers of Dragon Age: Origins.

Can you save Mhairi?

There is no way to save her, just like Daveth and Jory in the original game. The purpose was to drive home the fact that the Joining is a very risky process, more often than not fatal, and just because you really, really want to get into the grey wardens does not mean you will succeed.

Where to find Last Will and Testament in Dragon Age Origins?

Last Will and Testament is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins. The Warden will discover a note on the body of Missionary Rigby in the depths of the Korcari Wilds. His last request is that a lockbox hidden elsewhere be taken to Jetta in Redcliffe Village. As you’re looking at the dead men hanged…

What to do with Oghren in Dragon Age Origins?

When Oghren’s approval rating is over 75 return to the Throne Room to have a dialogue with him and complete the quest. Oghren has a thing for ponies and during one such conversation you may give him the Toy Horse .

Where does Oghren talk to Felsi in Dragon Age?

You can enter the Spoiled Princess again and talk to Felsi – this will start with Oghren talking to her in continuation to the Warden’s “Go get her”. If Shale is in your party (and Oghren is absent) the conversation between Felsi and Oghren will take place between Felsi and Shale.

Where does Oghren’s old flame quest take you?

This quest was written by Mary Kirby and was intentionally small since much of Oghren’s personal story was told in A Paragon of Her Kind. If you tell Oghren to “Go get her” after leaving the inn, you end up in the middle of Lake Calenhad.