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How do you light a Jetmaster fireplace?

How do you light a Jetmaster fireplace?

Locate control knob on right hand side of valve. Depress and turn control knob (FIG 1) to the PILOT position (FIG 4). Depress the control button and ignite with piezo ignitor (FIG 2) whilst keeping control knob firmly depressed for 20 seconds. Check that pilot stays lit.

How does a Jetmaster fireplace work?

Jetmaster fires warm the room in two ways: through radiated heat directly off the fire and through the convection technology. As the hot air leaves the unit it causes a vacuum for more cool air to be drawn through the convection chamber, creating a natural cold-to-warm circulation.

How do you clean a Jetmaster gas fireplace?

The glass can easily be cleaned, either with a soft cloth and soap and water for light deposits, and for heavy deposits you can use a commercial fireplace glass cleaner. You can vacuum or dust surfaces such as the surround and front.

Can you burn coal in a jetmaster?

Grate Options Because Jetmaster offers the options of wood, anthracite coke, coal and gas grates, you have complete flexibility.

Can you light a gas fireplace without electricity?

Modern gas fireplaces more than likely have an intermittent pilot ignition system. The IntelliFire and IntelliFire Plus use batteries to pilot your gas fireplace during a power outage. If you have a standing pilot, the gas fireplace will light itself without the need for electricity.

How do I get more heat from my open fireplace?

Turn Up the Heat: Tips to Follow

  1. Install a Fireplace Insert.
  2. Use Glass Doors.
  3. Use a Chimney Damper.
  4. Get Chimney Fans.
  5. Only Burn Dried Firewood.
  6. Use Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
  7. Keep Combustible Materials Away from the Fireplace.
  8. Clean Your Fireplace Regularly.

What is the lever on the side of my fireplace for?

One lever opens and closes the damper, allowing the smoke to come up through the flue of the chimney, while a second lever opens and closes the air vents, allowing fresh combustion air to enter and fuel the fire. This prevents smoke from going back inside the room while avoiding CO poisoning.

How often should gas fireplaces be serviced?

Gas fireplaces and stoves should be serviced every year they are in use, especially if the hearth product is your primary source of heat.

How often should a fireplace be serviced?

once a year
This a tougher question than it sounds. The simple answer is: The National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances.

Is it OK to leave a gas fireplace on all night?

Using Your Gas Fireplace at Night DON’T leave the unit on overnight. DO leave the flue open so that excess carbon monoxide is vented. The main concern with a gas-burning appliance is the exhaust of carbon monoxide and leaving the unit on overnight is simply risky.

What are the installation instructions for a Jetmaster open fire?

JETMASTER OPEN FIRE WOOD AND COAL CONVECTOR FIREBOX Installation and Operating Instructions Please leave these instructions with the customer January 2015

Where can I find a Jetmaster specification sheet?

To locate more detailed information on our products and download a Brochure, User Help Guide, Specification Sheet, our brochures, or CAD / Architect information please use the DOCUMENT FILTER to the left to assist your search. Heat & Glo Mezzo Series Framing & Sheeting Manual

Is it safe to install Jetmaster air conditioner?

Appliance is to be installed in full compliance with the National Gas Installa- tion Standard AS5601, the manufacturer’s instructions, and any local authorities’ re- quirements for gas, electrical and building regulations. This appliance and its components are tested and safe when installed in accor- dance with this Installation Manual.

How tall is the chimney on a Jetmaster?

MINIMUM FLUE(INTERIOR) Round mm 155 180 180 185 190 180 190 200 225 250 300 ins 6 7 7 ¼ ½ 8 9 10 12 Area mm 190 250 250 267 285 250 285 315 366 507 730 ins 30 3842 44 50 57 79 113 Draught Pa 10 10 10 10 10 10 CHIMNEY HEIGHT