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How do I get rootViewController of UINavigationController?

How do I get rootViewController of UINavigationController?

How to get root view controller?

  1. UIViewController *rootViewController = (UIViewController*)[[[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow] rootViewController];
  2. NSArray *viewControllers = self. navigationController. viewControllers;
  3. UIViewController *root = (UIViewController*)[self. navigationController.

What does navigation controller do?

A navigation controller is a container view controller that manages one or more child view controllers in a navigation interface. In this type of interface, only one child view controller is visible at a time.

How do I add a view controller to my navigation controller?

Step 1: Embed root view controller inside a navigation controller. In your storyboard, select the initial view controller in your hierarchy. With this view controller selected, choose the menu item Editor -> Embed In -> Navigation Controller .

How do I access rootViewController?

The root view controller is simply the view controller that sits at the bottom of the navigation stack. You can access the navigation controller’s array of view controllers through its viewControllers property. To access the root view controller, we ask for the first item of the array of view controllers.

How do I get ViewController view?

If you are not familiar with the code and you want to find ViewController coresponding to given view, then you can try:

  1. Run app in debug.
  2. Navigate to screen.
  3. Start View inspector.
  4. Grab the View you want to find (or a child view even better)
  5. From the right pane get the address (e.g. 0x7fe523bd3000)

What is a UINavigationController?

A UINavigationController is a view controller subclass that makes navigation between multiple view controllers easier. In addition to easier navigation, a navigation controller also has a lot of built-in functionality that we’ll explore in this section.

What is the root view controller?

How do I get root view controller?

How do I join a scene delegate?

Once you have the scene, you can access its delegate. This can be called from any view or view controller to get its scene. But note that you can only get the scene from a view controller only after viewDidAppear has been called at least once.

Is SwiftUI better than storyboard?

We no longer have to argue about programmatic or storyboard-based design, because SwiftUI gives us both at the same time. We no longer have to worry about creating source control problems when committing user interface work, because code is much easier to read and manage than storyboard XML.

What is UI responder?

An abstract interface for responding to and handling events.