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Do I need a register plate with a flue liner?

Do I need a register plate with a flue liner?

If you have not used a flue liner then the register plate is vital because it closes off the chimney so that the draw is more focused through the flue pipe thereby improving the efficiency and fuel burning characteristics of your stove.

Does a register plate have to be metal?

The register plate must therefore make a sturdy seal between the room and the chimney and MUST be made of galvanised or stainless steel (or other non-rusting metal) at least 2mm thick. Why does it need to be made of metal? Well if a register plate failed then smoke could enter the room.

Can you fit a flue yourself?

Can I fit a flue liner / chimney system / stove myself? Yes. Installing a flexible chimney liner or complete twinwall system is a larger job and may involve ladders or scaffolding if external access to your roof is needed but is still technically straightforward.

Do I have to fit a register plate?

A Register Plate should always be fitted whenever a stove vents directly into the chimney (ie if the chimney is sound and there is no flue liner connected directly to the stove or stove pipe). The Register Plate must also have an access hatch to enable the chimney to be swept.

What is a flue register plate?

A Chimney Register Plate (sometimes referred to as a Chimney Closure Plate) is a sheet of galvanised steel designed to be installed above the stove, sealing off the base of the chimney to counteract heat loss and to prevent debris or insulation from falling down into the fireplace.

Do you have to have a register plate?

A register plate is a metal sheet that fits across the base of your chimney, just above where a stove would be installed. If byproducts from your wood burning stove or multi fuel stove are being exhausted straight into the chimney (and not into a flue inside the chimney), then you’ll need a register plate.

Do you need permission to install a wood-burning stove?

You do not technically require planning permission to install a wood burning stove, however since 2005 it has been a legal requirement to let your local authority building control department know of your intentions – no matter what type of heating appliance you are installing.

Can you fit a flue liner from the bottom?

You can install your flexible liner either from the top or bottom of the brick chimney stack. You will need two people to install your liner successfully, one at either end of the chimney stack. The person on the roof should be safely attached! From the top of the roof, start to push the liner, down the stack.

What are baffle plates?

baffle plate in British English (ˈbæfəl pleɪt) a plate or mechanical device designed to restrain or regulate the flow of a fluid, the emission of light or sound, or the distribution of sound, esp in a loudspeaker or microphone.

Are wood burning stoves getting banned?

Are they banning stoves and fires? No, not at all. The new legislation states however that all new stoves or fires on sale from 2022 do need to be Ecodesign models.