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Are there any ski areas on Mt Ruapehu?

Are there any ski areas on Mt Ruapehu?

We operate two ski areas on the mountain, Whakapapa and Tūroa, with Whakapapa open in summer for sightseeing on the country’s longest gondola, Sky Waka. Ski or Board Mt Ruapehu this winter at two of New Zealand’s best ski areas – Whakapapa or Tūroa. The choice is yours!

Where can I get private lessons on Mt Ruapehu?

Group lessons are available on both Whakapapa and Turoa ski fields with packages available to include gear, lift passes and day passes to the mountain. If you really want to maximise your potential, private lessons are the best way to get to the top!

How old do you have to be to go to Mt Ruapehu?

Lunch is included for kids aged between 6-12 years old. Drop them off at 09:00 and collect them at the end of the day at 15:00. Don’t be outdone by the kids and make sure you can keep up with them!

Is there adapative program at Mt Ruapehu?

With the Adapative Program, there are no limits on what you can achieve on the snow. The instructors have the right experience and equipment to ensure a safe, fun and memorable experience regardless of ability. Adaptive equipment is also available for rental on Mt Ruapehu to enable everyone to participate in snow sports.

How many Mt Ruapehu season passes are left?

A cap on Season Pass sales, giving more value to our loyal customers HURRY, ONLY 141 PASSES REMAINING!

How to get the best snow conditions in Whakapapa?

But we really want you to have the best info available so you can have your best day/s on the snow ever! We promise to only send you things we think you’ll love, like: Tell us what you like – relevant emails only! Always know about the next powder day! And – it’s free! Whakapapa Be in the know before the snow!

Where is haere mai ki Mt Ruapehu located?

HAERE MAI KI MT RUAPEHU Mt Ruapehu is located in the Central Plateau of NZ’s North Island in the UNESCO dual-World-Heritage Tongariro National Park, listed for its cultural and geological significance. Along with having the Whanganui National Park nearby, this area is one of New Zealand’s premium outdoor destinations.