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7 Ways for Dummies to Become Successful YouTube Bloggers in 2020

7 Ways for Dummies to Become Successful YouTube Bloggers in 2020

People are always asking – how to become a good YouTuber?

YouTube has great earning potential, and famous YouTubers earn millions every year. But let’s face it! Being a successful vlogger on YouTube is not easy. People are uploading around 500-hours of content on YouTube each minute. On top of that, endless channels compete to get the highest number of subscribers.

How to vlog on YouTube and get famous? How can you become a successful YouTuber?

Today, we will answer your every question and tell you how to become a famous vlogger on YouTube. This guide is perfect for beginners and people just starting out. So, let’s get to the point right away!

1. How to Start a Vlog: The Basics

Blogging on YouTube is known as vlogging. What are vlogs? What does vlog stand for?

Vlogs just mean video blogs. So, a lot of things that apply to blogs also apply to video vlog or vlogging.

Pick a Niche

What to vlog about on YouTube?

The first step of starting a vlog is to choose a niche you are interested in. Pick something you are passionate about and like to vlog about. Some popular niches include-

  • Travel
  • Food and cuisines
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • News and current affairs
  • Personal experiences

Lay Out Your Goals

You need to know what success means to run a successful YouTube vlog. So lay out your goals and make them objective. Then work towards fulfilling your vlog channel goals. Common goals include-

  • Get 5,000 subscribers in 3 months
  • Get 10,000 views on your videos
  • Earn $1,000 from YouTube vlogs

Create an Attractive YouTube Channel

Complete your YouTube profile with a properly sized profile picture, banner, and other elements. Write a nice description using keywords related to your niche. If possible, create a channel trailer to provide a vlog introduction to your viewers.

2. How to Start a Vlog Channel: Content and Publishing

Now comes the most important step in how to create a vlog- the content! You don’t need costly cameras or setup to start a v-log. Even an iPhone or smartphone with 4K or HD is enough to shoot your day by day vlogs.

Be Yourself

You need to be yourself irrespective of whether you vlog about products, travel, experiences, or wellness. Don’t be dishonest or make videos just to get views. Being yourself also makes brands more likely to approach you for sponsorships.

Create Highly Watchable Videos

Put your creative hat on and create your vlogs in the best possible way. Here are some vlogging tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your videos within 5 – 8-minutes when you are starting out
  • Ensure proper lighting, sound, and audio
  • Speak out keywords in your narration a few times
  • Include strong CTA to like, subscribe, and share your videos

Prepping Your Video for Publishing

Now we are going to optimize your video for more views and top rankings on YouTube.

Use watermark: Use the YouTube branding tab to create a clickable “subscribe now” while your video plays.

Optimize end screens: You can use your video end screens to link to other videos. The end screen can also include a subscribe button.

Optimize metadata: Include your keywords in the video title, description, and tags.

Create attractive thumbnails: Choose a good image as your thumbnail and add texts or graphics if you wish.

Now, go ahead and publish your video!

3. How to be a Great YouTuber: Promote Your Videos Like a Pro

We have told you how to become a YouTuber. Next, we will discuss how to start being a YouTuber who is getting popular! For that, you need to promote your videos in the proper places. This will give your videos more views and more subscribers.

You can promote your videos on-

  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (B2B)
  • Blogs and websites
  • Online forums
  • Q&A sites like Quora

4. Monetize Your YouTube Vlogs for Profitability

You can monetize your videos and earn from ads. The options for monetization can be found in the YouTube Creator Studio dashboard under the Monetization tab. To activate monetization, you need at least-

  • 1,000 subscribers, and
  • 4,000 video watch hours in the last 12 months

5. Collaborate Like a Professional

7 Ways for Dummies to Become Successful YouTube Bloggers in 2020

One great way to grow your vlog is to collaborate with other YouTubers. Of course, you should approach someone at your own level. If you have 50 subscribers, don’t approach someone with 500,000 subscribers. They will simply not work with you!

If you collaborate and work with the right people, both vloggers can benefit and get more exposure.

6. Edit Your Videos, Always

Our guide to becoming a YouTuber includes vlogging best practices. The most important one is to edit your videos yourself. Why?

Because the editor is the storyteller n a vlog. If someone else edits your videos, you might end up with a different story. So the tips for becoming a YouTuber ask you to be yourself and edit your own videos.

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