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What phone area is 0202?

What phone area is 0202?

London Telephone Numbers 0202 is not an area code in its own right. The area code is in fact 020, and the following 2 is part of the local number. The 020 area code covers London and the surrounding area. Please note that an 020 number does not necessarily come from this location, although the majority do.

Who phoned me 01202?

đź’ˇ 01202 is the area code for Bournemouth and the surrounding area. The UK telephone numbers from Bournemouth have this format : (01202) ###### within the 5 digit geographical dialling code 01202 (including the zero) are 11 digits long.

What telephone code is 0333?

the UK
0333 numbers are examples of a non-geographic phone numbers. These are numbers that are not linked to any locality within the UK. They were introduced in 2007 as an alternative to the traditional landlines that were usually assigned geographically through the use of a system of location-specific area codes.

Are 0202 numbers free?

You can call 202 free from an O2 Pay Monthly phone. Alternatively you can call 0344 809 0202 from a landline, however standard UK rates apply.

Which area code is 0203?

The introduction of the 0203 number expanded phone numbers in the London area by a whopping 50%. The clear cut truth is, only the first three digits (020) indicate location. The rest of the number is randomly allocated. This is why callers dial London numbers with a space following the 020 area code.

What STD code is 01202?

Dialling the 01202 area code in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.

Is 01202 a free number to call?

Calls made to 01202 phone numbers are charged at the same per minute rate as all other calls to 01 or 02 local numbers. Therefore calls will generally cost around 12p per minute maximum, as well as a standard call set-up charge.

How do you know a call is spam?

If you see “Suspected spam caller” or “Spam” as the caller ID, the call might be spam. You can answer the call, or block and report the number. If a call from someone you know is marked as spam, you can report the mistake. Future calls to your phone from this number won’t be marked as spam.

Are telephone numbers beginning with 0333 free?

A call to a 0333 number costs the same cost as a regular call to a landline or mobile home. All numbers begin with 03 being at the same speed as standard fixed network numbers starting with ’01’ or ’02’ loaded. The 0333 numbers are not the same as 0800 and 0808 free, but there may be many free calling rate rates.

Where is 033 code?

The 0330 area code, introduced in the UK in 2007, is classed as a non-geographic dialling code. This simply means that it is not associated with a particular region of the UK, in contrast to standard area codes like 0121 (Birmingham) or 0161 (Manchester), for example.

Is the area code 0202 the same as the phone number?

0202 is not an area code in its own right. The area code is in fact 020, and the following digit is part of the local number. So 0202 should actually be written 020 2, although it makes no difference when dialling the number.

Is there an automated number on 0202 338345?

Automated caller, on 0202 338345, same as all other 0202 area codes have been saying only different number, still the same crap though. WHAT IS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THIS NUMBER?

When do I need to use the 01202 Bournemouth area code?

The Bournemouth 01202 dialling code is situated in the county of Dorset in the South West Region of the UK. When do I need to use the 01202 Bournemouth dialling code?

How many dialling codes are there in the UK?

Code prefixes Initial digits Service type 00 International dialling 01 Geographic area codes since 1995 02 Geographic area codes since 2000 03 Non-geographic numbers charged at geogra